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Welcome. I possess more than 20 years experiences in CAD/CAM designing and as CNC programmer. I got experience in sectors as motorsport, medical, aerospace, woodworking, moulding. I've got skill of parametric programming and designing. In my career I worked with FORMULA 1 , BOEING, ROLS ROYCE, KLER, KLOSE and more known brands.

Software for CNC programming: ImaWop, WoodWop, Hops, Biesse nc, Xilog plus, Pitagora, ISO, G-CODES, M-CODES, R-CODES, Maestro, MasterCam, Fanuc, Mazatrol, Chammermiles and more. Software for design: Solid Works – certificate, Solid Edge – certificate, TopSolid - certificate, AutoCad 2D and 3D, Sketchup and more.

Please feel free to ask about anything in any time. Yours faithfully Pcnc Solutions