Multimedialna Zuzanna

Multimedialna Zuzanna

Joined on: 2020-03-17
Kraków, Poland
SKILLS: animation 3dphotomontageretouchvideo editing

RETRECTION, CORRECTION and PHOTOMONTAGE of photos INSTALLATION of simple videos I can create simple 3D ANIMATIONS (also 360 degrees). Writing simple texts for a blog, essays, stories.

I have a good command of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere. The works in the portfolio were created as part of high school (Art High School in Gdynia) and studies (Intermedia ASP). I reserve the right to use them.

Animacja 3d/VR/360

Work created in the Cinema4d program

The animation guides the viewer through three different worlds. The bonding element of these spaces is a sphere that always appears in unexpected moments. It is like a companion of the viewer's journey. This journey can be interpreted as passing through three different states of existence - birth, life on earth and the posthumous path.

The beginning of the animation refers to birth - a state of weightlessness in a space full of water and a blue color associated with the beginning. Then the viewer is in the green meadows. The time of day is already ripe. At the end, he wanders about the cosmic endlessness as if time and space did not matter to him. download:

Retusz/Korekcja zdjęć

Photos come from private collections.

Face retouching and color correction, chiaroscuro, applying filters.

I use Adobe Photoshop. download:


Experimental video works and animations created as part of studies. The films show various mounting options.

I am using Adobe Premiere. download:


Texts written as part of studies. Short analyzes and essays as well as fragments of a fictitious artist's diary. download: Zuzanna_Bodzoń_-_interpretacja_dzieła_z_XX_wieku.pdf

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