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From: Serbia

Location: Nis, RS

On Useme since 5 May 2024

About me

πŸ‘‹ Hello, I'm Mihailo Stankovic!

πŸŽ“ At 18 years old, I've already completed my education at Mija Stanimirovic Electrical Engineering School. My passion lies in the dynamic world of web development, particularly in Webflow.

πŸ’» I'm proficient in leveraging Webflow's powerful tools to craft visually stunning and functional websites. From concept to execution, I enjoy the creative process of bringing digital visions to life.

🌍 Constantly driven by the desire to learn and innovate, I thrive in collaborative environments where I can contribute my skills and absorb knowledge from others in the field.

πŸ” Currently, I'm seeking opportunities to further enhance my expertise and make meaningful contributions to projects that push the boundaries of web development.

Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to create impactful digital experiences!


Portfolio item Portfolio Website

This is my portfolio website. Websites that are in portfolio are just builded to show my skills they do not exist.