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From: Poland

Location: Wrocław, PL

On Useme since 31 October 2015

About me


I have been working as a Web Developer for several years now. I started my career while I was still a student. I worked in several companies due that time, also as a freelancer. I gained a good experience, not only about the web, but also about the people. So I know how to find balance between writing good code, managing projects and satisfying customers :)

I am used to working with raw PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JS code. So I got the basics. That experience let me easily work with all kinds of tools like i.e. Laravel, WordPress, Sass, jQuery and others.

I will always consider any project prepositions, so feel free to ask :)


Css Django English Html Jquery Laravel Linux Mysql Php Python Sql Symfony Windows Zend


Portfolio item WWF Earth Hour

Tool for tweeting on WWF twitter account with predefined, in custom CMS, messages. Also allow to tweet default messages on user twitter accounts. Used technologies: php, sqlite3, symfony2, guzzle, oauth, twitter, html5, css3, bootstrap,...

Portfolio item Heatmap

This world map provide impact from country to country on chosen data. Also allow to present assigned data for each of them. Application made for Bayer. Used technologies: php, mysql, symofny2, laravel, angularjs, jquery, d3, underscore, html5,...

Portfolio item Oxfamklima

Interactive presentation of climate changes for Oxfam company. It purpose was to convict people about global changes and convince them to sign petition. Used technologies: photoshop, jquery, html5, css3, responsive web design. Credentials to...