Martin Szulc

Martin Szulc

Joined on: 2015-01-07
Kraków, Poland
SKILLS: adobe creative suiteadobe illustratoradobe indesignadobe photoshopallegroblogcmscssdesigndomain namedtpfrontendgraphicsinfographicslayout designlayout designlogomysqlonline shopopencartpackaging designportalprestashopretouchrwdshoperslicing htmlslicing psduser experience designvector graphicsweb designweb developmentweb sitewordpress

I am professional graphic DESIGNER and PHOTOGRAPHER with over 20 years of experience. I am looking for perfect balance between ideas and design. I believe that great ideas and good strategy lie at the base of success. Imagination, knowledge and experience in design help me create complete solutions consistent with ideas. I am working across a broad range of disciplines, from branding and print to website design and I approach each project with a fresh mindset. High quality projects and customised solutions is at the top of my client focused hierarchy. I am also very annoying when it comes to any design details.

Mastered software packages: Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe® Ilustrator – graphic and typographic design of adverts, covers, large publishing, electronic pdf offers, manuals, magazines, photo collage and retouch, vector illustrations, logos/icons. Flash, Adobe® Dreamweaver –full websites, templates, promotional e-mails and newsletters, interactive ads and banners, advanced animations, presentations.









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