Mariusz Skowron

Mariusz Skowron

Joined on: 2021-03-24
Łódź, Poland
SKILLS: blogcopywritingdatabasesfanpagegraphicsproduct descriptionvirtual office

Over 5 years of work experience in administration offices and business supporting departments.

I offer professional support with regards to:

  1. Office and administrative services, in particular:
    1. contact with customers,
    2. e-mail administration,
    3. creating offers,
    4. customer acquisition,
    5. research & databases creation.
  2. Supporting sales services:
    1. listing auctions - allegro, ebay or on a dedicated sales portal,
    2. creating and sending a newsletter,
    3. creating simple graphics.
  3. Copywriting:
    1. English-Polish translations,
    2. product description,
    3. writing texts for a blog, website,
    4. creating pretzels.
  4. Running social media, including:
    1. creating posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
    2. replies to comments and private messages,
    3. creating subtitles for movies on YT.

Feel free to contact me and see the portfolio!

Infografik dot. wpływu Covid-19 na turystykę w Polsce II Infographic on the impact of Covid-19 on tourism in Poland

Infographic presenting statistical data related to the impact of Covid-19 on the tourism market in Poland, made in November 2020.

Projekt broszury informacyjnej II Project of an information brochure

Project of an information brochure on the organization of the trip (student project)

Placeholder na zaproszenie biznesowe II Placeholder for a business invitation

Outlook business invitation design

Tekst na bloga "O co chodzi w korpomowie?" II Text for the blog "What's going on in corporate jargon?"

Case, KPI, briefs, backups, deadline. Corporate jargon entered the world of internet memes and funny profiles on social networks with impetus. Who among us has not liked such a picture at least once, let's throw a stone first. Or comment here. In fact, I'd rather you comment on the post than throw hard objects at me .. 🙂

Does corporate jargon amuse us more or irritate us, and - most importantly - can it pose a threat to the Polish language?

Corporate jargon became one of the popular topics for discussion. But we are wrong in considering that this is a new phenomenon. Let's take a look at the examples of macaroni from Pasek's "Diaries":

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