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I have been working in the printing industry for over 20 years, both in Poland and abroad. I can confidently use the experience gained in a wide spectrum of the so-called polygraphy. Printed materials, on paper, foils, plastics, even on floor panels or kitchen worktops :). Through the stages of my work so far, the IT industry has been developing strongly, every self-respecting graphic designer tries to develop in line with technology. Therefore, in my offer I can offer services in the field of creating websites (mainly Wordpress), creating online stores, payment gateways and recently popular online conferences. If you have a video to shoot or edit, I can also take care of it and prepare a video for TV or social media. Feel free to cooperate.


Strona kursów oraz konferencji online

Strona do nauki online, w tym przypadku wykorzystana do sprzedaży konferencji konferencji online. Wszystko zrobione na bazie Wordpressa.