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For 3 years I have been running social media and setting up ads for various companies in Poland. For 2 years I have also been dealing with e-commerce management. The challenge for me is not creating graphics, writing posts, personalizing ads for websites, performance and real time marketing. I can also offer ecommerce services, such as adding products to the website, photos in appropriate sizes, contact with the client, introducing corrections to the website, as well as integration with modules, wholesalers and sales management systems. I have extensive experience in running social media and e-commerce in industries such as: fashion, social organizations and schools, real estate, medicine, renewable energy. I run such e-commerce sites as,, I also help with the publication of offers on I publish, among others on the fanpage: Magmara - Plus Size fashion, Student Self-Government II High School in Radomsko, II Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. K. K. Baczyński in Radomsko, Foundation for Student Rights, Eurolinguist School of Foreign Languages, Radomsko Głos Młodzieży, Wspólna Młodość Wspólna Przyszłość My Behance Portfolio: http:// This website includes only a part of the implementation.

Sincerely, Piotr Owczarek Co-founder Grupa Owczarek Marketing and implementation director at


Adobe photoshop Buzzmarketing Copywriting E-marketing Facebook Fanpage Graphics Layout design Logo Photography Pozyskiwanie klientów Pre-press Search optimization Seo Social media System administration Virtual office Web design Website administration


portfolio/061/164361/ Obsługa social media dla firmy Magmara

The Owczarek Group took care of running social media for the plus size clothing company You can see more realizations for the brand on

portfolio/061/164361/screencapture-magmara-pl-pl-2021-07-12-23_13_58.png Administracja strony

The Owczarek Group takes care of ecommerce with plus size clothing - The scope of our services includes:

  • adding products to the website,
  • photos in appropriate sizes,
  • contact with the customer,
  • making corrections to the website,
  • integration with modules, wholesalers and sales management systems. See more at
portfolio/061/164361/screencapture-grupaowczarek-pl-ekochemlab-2021-07-12-23_31_45_vfllHHO.png Przygotowanie i realizacja witryny

Grupa Owczarek zajęła się wdrożeniem strony internetowej dla firmy eko-chem-lab.

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