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It all started with an application for managing ads on large screens - now we are changing ideas into working software! We are simply people for whom creating is "cool" - software development is a passion! It is thanks to passion that we are 120% involved in every project.

We work for you - your goals and needs are our direction on the road to success. Passion, however, is not all - the experience and knowledge gained from various industries causes understanding of the most important question in the world "Why?". If the team understands why you want to do something, then you can be sure of your success. Yes, we know IT, but our main specialization is web applications (browser software), advanced payment methods, communication systems and Crowdfunding platforms.

We start working on your product with product workshops, the plan of which is selected individually. This is to detail the processes in the product and, above all, to tailor the product to the needs of your users - a very important issue! We work together all the time, like a good old marriage. We do not wrap around the bush and shorten all processes to the necessary minimum. We treat each project individually and we also choose technologies that are within our competence. From the beginning we have been associated with Angular, in which we can code with our eyes closed. In addition, we also use Vue.js, PHP, Symfony or TypeScript. We put the scattered database in MySQL to our feet during the morning coffee. You do not believe? Check us out! 😊 Each member of our team is independent, but together we form a self-organizing team. In addition, our CEO is always available to you and you can go with him to lunch together to talk about the effects of work. You don't have project documentation yet? Hmm, nothing terrible. We will create it together. There are rumors around the city that we have 100% efficiency in EU projects, so if you need support in writing an application, we are at your disposal. Officials will be surprised 😊

You don't know about technologies? You don't have to, that's our team!


Mobile and Web Application Earn money by sharing your knowledge or look for new members for your team. The remote working market provides great opportunities to establish contacts and find qualified parters. This is made a lot easier with PaySteer.

Task To develop an application for linking service recipients with service providers (experts in their field), which will support the market of remote services. What was important in this task To create a space for free and secure communications, which would gather service orders and give experts an opportunity to show their best qualities. All this was to help establish business relationships and earn on the provided services.

Design We faced a few challenges at the design stage. Every profile owner should be able to fully control and manage their account while remaining free to use the collected profiles of other users. Since the application is to generate profits from cooperation between its users, we should ensure an appropriate way of accounting for the services. It was required to secure the information flowing between profile owners.

Divide You

DivideYou is a place of a direct interaction between people who would like to buy a product with those who make it. Our application is a communication space but also a place for gathering funds and earning on them.

Task The tasks we faced during the project mostly resulted from the complex and interrelated activities offered by DivideYou. We created a place that gathers those who want to have access to products or services and their actual producers. By saving funds in the application, the products can be bought at considerably lower prices. In addition, the users can view their wallets and the investments they can afford.

Design The specific nature of the DivideYou project comes from the wide range of its functionalities. Therefore, at the design stage we had to provide the possibility to create user profiles with the option to gather funds and provide continuous access to the investments in which the users can participate. As a result, all the solutions had to be intuitive and suited to the users’ individual capabilities.

Building Companion

The platform consists of several process layers that include native mobile apps for Android and iOS. The platform was dedicated to the customers of Xella Group, so people who want to build their own houses; we adjusted all the functionalities to their requirements. Building Companion was to be an assistant supporting the users at every stage of the construction process.

Task Building Companion is an application for those who want to control each stage of their construction project and independently choose the subcontractors. The main function of the application was to help organise the work, manage the list of tasks during a construction project, find trusted contractors, and help to get in touch with them.

Design Right from the beginning, the project was focused on a specified target group: the people who want to build their house by themselves. We designed an application which stands out with quick and intuitive operation. This required us to include an integration layer gathering the four systems of Xella Group and to adapt everything to iOS and Android.

Super Smart Rental

Task The most important task was to design a system which would allow for managing equipment, stocks, event services and transport during the planned and ongoing events handled by the company. The app was to give its users full and real-time insight into the functioning of the company.

Design Already at the beginning, the concept entailed the use of NFC tags and the implementation of several authorisation levels assigned to people based on their scope of responsibilities. The aim of the app was to facilitate the management of stocks and allow for monitoring events. We also had to account for the fact that the app had to have its mobile version (on both iOS and Android) and its web version.

Together with us, the Koral brand has given its customers a game for mobile devices. An element of a wider advertising campaign for the brand, the game made the campaign more interactive and enhanced its reach, as the game’s availability guaranteed a large number of players.

Task The most important task was to make a multimedia product which would fit into the Koral brand’s communication strategy. The game had to be simple, so that everyone could have a go. Our product had to be available both for iOS and Android, and had to have its web and desktop versions too.

Design Firstly, we had to find a model which would be our reference point. We chose Flappy Bird, the free arcade game, as the model of a simple and engaging game. We had to account for the fact that the game had to be available for two systems and in multiple versions. The whole project is based on Unity, a reliable game engine.

CRM InterVi

CRM InterVi is a platform supporting sales, invoice management, customer management, and the management of personnel and their working time. As part of the project, we have developed a web application and an application for Android.

Task Our task was to develop a modern web application which would streamline the processes at an interactive agency. We started with a cycle of meetings to discuss the current processes carried out in the company and to prepare a preimplementation document.

Design When designing the interface, we put a great attention to simple solutions and intuitive elements for each action. The platform is to be used in daily work of the whole team, so the biggest challenge was to make its layout clear and flexible. We consulted our customer at every stage of designing.

Planet Heroes - Crowdfunding Platform

Planet Heroes is an initiative operating on the principles of crowdfunding, but in action burning the problem of environmental protection. The rules are simple: anyone who cleans up the litter of the natural area and document photos, can publish their activity on the platform and become Planet Hero. Those who are involved in this initiative can support it through the financial grants provided, thus becoming Patrons of this action

Planet Heroes is an initiative operating on the principles of crowdfunding, but in action burning the problem of environmental protection. The rules are simple: anyone who cleans up the litter of the natural area and document photos, can publish their activity on the platform and become Planet Hero. Those who are involved in this initiative can support it through the financial grants provided, thus becoming Patrons of this action.


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