Dominika Młodzianowska

Dominika Młodzianowska

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Kolbudy, Poland
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Welcome! I am glad to see you here! I invite you to see some of my works in my portfolio. I have always liked to create - writing, taking photos, making graphics and posters, drawing, painting etc. My passion are languages, I speak English, Polish, German, and right now I study Swedish.

Everything what I do, I do from my heart. I am the person, who has to have everything pefect since a to z. I am this girl, from who all classmates prescribe homework, because she has it always correct. I am this student who has good marks, because her works are comprehensive and accurate. School finished, and I want to do what I can dothe best - achieve ever higher ban. I know I do not have much experience, but if you decide to cooperate with me, you can be sure, that I will not make you dissapointed and I will do everything, for meet your expectations and needs.

I do not afraid of challenges. I am available all the time and very motivated to work. I can sacrifice my personal time for work, work is my priority. I work 24/7 , for have the best effects. I work fast, reliably and conscientiously.

How you can see, there is not the thing which I cannot do or make. I believe that work help improve ourselfs and our skills. I am disciplined, open-minded and timely. You can get along with me in every aspect of the order. Feel free to contact me! :)

ROI & Social Media Marketing

This is translation of article about ROI & Social Media Marketing Original version is in English. EN - PL

Original title: ROI&Social Media Marketing

Link to original: download: ROI__Social_Media_Marketing.pdf

Artykuł o Perfumach / Article about Perfumes

This is translation of article about perfumes, which I wrote to my portfolio. The original version is in Polish language, I translated it to English and German. PL - EN - DE Original title : Ponadczasowe zapachy - perfumy, które kochamy.

Translated title EN: Timeless smells - perfumes that we have loved for years.

Translated title DE: Zeitlos Gerüche – Parfums das haben wir seit Jahren geliebt

Link to oryginal: download: Artykuł_perfumy_-_EN_DE.pdf

Moje Logo

This is my own logo project for self marketing.

Rysunek - próbka artystyczna

This is an example of my artistic skills

6 tekstów na zaplecze po 2000 znaków każdy

experience: positive | written:

Comment: Polecam serdecznie. Teksty wysokiej jakości, na tym mi zależało. Polecam!

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