Agnieszka Sołtys

Agnieszka Sołtys

Joined on: 2018-07-19
Trzebinia, Poland

I can write various types of texts for you, ecpecially products descriptions, guides, business texts and thematic articles. I can also prepare all kinds of transcriptions. I'm a very creative person, looking at the world in an unconventional way. I am interested in short trips and long journeys, healthy eating, psychology and astronomy. At work, I put a lot of emphasis on quality - after all, a well-done task will bring satisfaction also to me:).

Hotel Atrium

The text had been written for the tourist website and contains details of the hotel's offer. You can find in it some information about the location of the hotel, building equipment and additional attractions. The text is in polish language.

download: Hotel Atrium (polski).docx

Hotel Pod filarami

The text applies to the hotel's offer. I included in it some information about the location of the building, its equipment and the advantages that distinguish it among other places of accomodation. I have not forgotten about a short description of nearby tourist attractions! The text is in english.

download: Hotel Pod filarami (english).docx

Whey Delicious Proteine

The text is an example description of one of the conditioners for athletes. At the beginning I mentioned a few basic advantages of the product. Then I answered the questions about what the Whey Delicious Proteine ​​is and who it is intended for. In the description I also included information on how to prepare the conditioner and its composition.

download: Whey Delicious Proteine.docx

Zwierzaki i trzęsienia ziemi

Did you know that your pet can sense earthquakes? Do you want to know how rats, snakes, centipedes and weasels helped save the inhabitants of the Chinese city of Haicheng in 1975? Or maybe you want to know the behavior of dolphins preceding the 2004 earthquake, whitch had disastrous consequences? If so, I strongly encourage you to read the text!

download: Zwierzaki i trzęsienia ziemi, czyli o szóstym zmyśle naszych milusińskich.docx

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