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From: Poland

Location: Katowice, PL

On Useme since 5 June 2024

About me

As a Webflow Developer, I craft interactive websites, optimize performance with SEO, and use AI to accelerate content creation. I collaborate with design teams for topnotch UX, integrate low-code and custom solutions, and handle GA4 & GTag. I also simplify technical details for clients and create Webflow templates. In my free time, I learn Norwegian, hike in the mountains, and tend to my home garden.

CV / Résumé

Apr 2023 - Now

Webflow Developer


Implementing Webflow CMS custom interactions, animations, and dynamic content. Optimized SEO. Using AI for graphics and content. Enhancing UX with design team. Assisting in client meetings. Integrating low-code tools, custom solutions, GA4 and GTag.