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From: Poland

Location: Białystok

On Useme since 2 June 2022

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Handling everything yourself can be hard. We can help you with what we’re best at: [Mobile apps] [Frontend development] [Backend development] [UI/UX] [Design] [Schema architecture] [Serverless] [DevOps] [Solution architecture] [Consulting] Our stack is based on many different languages and technologies: [React Native] [React JS] [Angular] [Swift] [Kotlin] [GraphQL] [Docker] [Kubernetes] [JavaScript] [TypeScript]

We are passionate about solving real-world problems using code and making an impact on its users' lives. When we create a new project, our priority is innovation. Apart from the top quality of the code, we put extra emphasis on using bleeding-edge technologies which we believe will give the product a lasting competitive advantage. Most of our projects are technologically complex and require skills far beyond the scope of traditional software development. If you choose to cooperate with us, we are confident that your app will stand the test of time. More at


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Portfolio item GraphQL Editor

GraphQl Editor facilitates the design process of GraphQl API's, speeds up the product's time-to-market, also helps to translate API language into a visual language understandable to your clients & non-tech team members.

Portfolio item Miejski Kurier

We believe that the final mile of delivery is often the most important part of delivery chain, as it involves a pickup from a warehouse and finally timely delivering (with to-the-minute accuracy) to the clients, shops or pickup points.

Portfolio item Kodeksy.Online is an API service allowing users to build applications based on polish legal codes & regulations. It is currently the only API service providing access to a complete and up to date database of polish legal codes.

Portfolio item BAC Tracker

BAC Tracker software combines several published methods for calculating alcohol absorption. We made full refresh of the product, provide payment and safety solution and new scheme of UX/UI.