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About me

For many years my professional life has been associated with construction, management and related topics. In my earlier years, I worked in the food service industry, which I also know inside out. From an early age, I never left books out of my hands, and whenever I managed to pick them up, I took pen in hand and wrote. I wrote about all sorts of things, both imaginary and real. These passions have been with me all my life, until one of them started turning into a source of income.

I love gaining knowledge, as a result, I am able to substantively respond to many topics. In the area of my interests are: house and garden plants, growing fruits and vegetables, animals (especially pets), lifestyle topics, related to personal development but also handcrafts. In addition: astronomy, medicine and all kinds of sports.

Specialized texts I write most willingly in the following categories: - construction (each branch - from construction industry, through EL, ARCH, HVAC, MSR to photovoltaics; the entire construction process - the idea for the investment, to obtain a use permit) - horticulture (from home growing to manufacturing) - yoga - cycling - medicine (more than 14 years of detailed study of medical topics in various specialties) - HORECA industry

In any other field, texts are prepared on the basis of solid research - I work in three languages, so the possibilities of gaining information are significantly increased.

I will be happy to take on any job, not only copywriting-related - whether you are talking about text rewriting, creative writing, or English-Polish, Polish-English, English-German, German-English, Polish-German, German-Polish translation.


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Lils On

Seria tekstów dotyczących zakupu nieruchomości, przygotowana dla Biura Nieruchomości. Teksty przygotowane, po dokładnym researchu, pod SEO.

English content writing example

Specialized technical article in English, related to battery cells. The text was written by me in Polish but according to my knowledge it was not published in the form prepared by me. On its basis I wrote the text in English.

Oświetlenie_awaryjne.pdf Lils on

Kilka tekstów specjalistycznych dotyczących systemów przeciwpożarowych. Przygotowane pod SEO