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    Product image grading
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will outsource photo sparring - we have box photos taken - about 100 pieces in total. subjects - https://homeno.pl
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    Cosmo Foto Studio
    Cutting the product from the background.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to cut products from the background according to the pattern (attachment) it is important that the shadow is also visible please ask for a quote on quantity: 10 20 50 You can send a sample based on the file before.jpg
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    To take photos of 3-5 products for auctions on Amazon, these are floor strips and wall slats, in addition, graphics on the basis of photos for descriptions I will gladly order a comprehensive photos and graphics permanent cooperation in the further development of Amazon channel with the first order we must work expressly
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    mbetlewski 7 deals
    NAPPA company, aleszale.pl online store with leather goods and clothing accessories is looking for a person for permanent cooperation in product photography. The scope of work of the person employed in this position will include: - photos for the purposes of the online store, Marketplace and social media - photographing products (packshots) - ghost photos - advertising photos - sessions on mannequins and on models - processing, sparring of photographs - to a lesser extent possible postproduction of photographs - numbering photos creating a gallery for Allegro purposes - preparation of products for photographs - cataloguing photos in the archive - adding objects to the database The proposed form of remuneration 10 PLN gross per photo. Size of the order: approximately from 200 to 1000 photos per month If interested, please send us your portfolio of product photography.
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    Keina 2 deals
    Product photography of jewelry
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a photographer to take product photos of jewelry. I care about high aesthetics, simplicity of form and elegance. There will be 38 product photos to be taken and depending on the quote, 3 types of photos or shadowless photos alone. Portfolio and experience welcome. High quality photos important. If you have any questions I will be happy to add everything. Deadline for execution February 5-8 maybe earlier max handing over finished photos February 19-20.
Jakub Michalik - pyq.pl
Jakub Michalik - pyq.pl
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Zlecę wykonanie zdjęć wnętrza pensjonatu zlokalizowanego w Zakopanem. Pensjonat posiada 15 pokoi, części wspólne - tj, mała recepcja, korytarze, dodatkowo posiadamy SPA z jacuzzi oraz sauną oraz strefę relaksu. Zdjęcia przeznaczone na portal Booking.com oraz stronę internetową. Finalnie celujemy w około 2-3 zdjęcia na pokój tak aby ukazać zarówno łazienkę jak i pokój. 2-3 zdjęcia po obróbkach. Bardzo chętnie przyjmiemy wszystkie wykonane fotografie w trakcie zlecenia - surówkę. Realizacja zdjęć najprawdopodobniej pod koniec listopada.

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Do 3 na pokój + fotografie powierzchni wspólnych + strefa SPA