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    Hello, - 7 companies that have joined together in a consortium - We are looking for a project manager for the implementation of KSeF, who will act as a representative of the consortium of these 7 companies in the implementation of KSeF - Supervision of the implementation performed by Asseco Data Systems - start as soon as possible - full time project, for about 5 months - required experience in project management in financial areas: leasing, banks, etc. - remote cooperation Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours. Information from Useme: submitting an offer is possible only if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Majstero 149 deals
    1. create a module that allows you to mass update: - offer titles (example: upload csv file- one column with commodity code, second column with new title) - delivery price list (example: upload a csv file-one column with the commodity code, another column with the price list name) - shipping time (example: upload a csv file-one column with the commodity code, another column with the delivery time) 2. plugging into the Allegro catalog listings that are not linked to the catalog via xsale.
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    Musiał Company 8 deals
    Designing email footers - interactive
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi 🙋🏻‍♀️ I will commission to design interactive email footers. The footer will include: - logo - photo - company address with invoice details - rodo, company confidentiality policy - redirection to 3 portals -> Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube A total of 6 pieces of business cards
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    Good day, I am looking for someone who is familiar with system files. Specifically, I am concerned with the properties of an Excel file. The problem is that when I change any properties in the file and then open it using 7-Zip menager, the date of the last modification of the file is 1980-01-01 every time. In addition, sometimes additional information appears in 7-Zip's columns, like attributes or comments. Greetings
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    Experienced wordpress programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for an experienced wordpress programmer right away. I have an order dot.wordpress - need to make 2 additional functionalities on this cms. I offer longer cooperation after this order. Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Jacob Sternius
    AWS project set up
    100.00 EUR
    I have a backend project in AWS. The project is running live and works fine, and now I need some support with getting it running in my local environment, as the developer in charge has become ill. Stack is AWS SAM / Gateway / Cognito / Lambdas / DynamoDB Code is in python, boto3, pydantic. Your task is: Assist me in getting the project up and running. We do screen sharing using google meet - I expect 1-max 3 hrs. If we work well together, this may well lead to additional tasks or part time cooperation. - SSO setup - Running test suite - Local, prod, dev deployments - Set prod / dev ENV
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    MonikaCopywriter 5 deals
    Shoper - adding tags to GTM
    Proposed by freelancer
    Need a person to implement Data Layer into Shopper, configure google tag manager and explain the principle of adding variables, rules and tags.
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    BackEnd - node.JS
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a backend developer to create an online application with the entire environment and work with the front end.
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    Forntend - Reackt or similar
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello warmly, we are in the process of creating a new project and we are looking for a person to create the entire Front-end according to specifications. Experience welcome
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    MariuszKa 19 deals
    Implementation of consent mode
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order the implementation of consent mode v2 in an online store. If there is such a possibility, preferably integration without external companies, without paying a monthly subscription.
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Job category:
IT projects
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Job description


- Bardzo dobra znajomość Wowza serwer Engine ,

- Bardzo dobre poruszanie po ustawieniach i znajomość REST API wowza,

- Znajomość zagadnienia , komunikacji i protokołów komunikacji typu WebRT czatHtML5,Videochat, FFMPEG, IPTV / Pull IP Cam i inne.

- Pisanie pluginów integrujących wowza serwer i woocommerce,

- Rozwiązywanie problemów z transmisjami live i serwerem wowza engine

- aktualizacja serwera wowza engine

Place or location:

remote work

Required functions:

Knowledge of Wowza Engine server and rest api