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Job description

I will commission some fixes and functionalities on the WC store website. Below information. For details, please contact me via useme messages.

1. changing the color of the wholesale buttons.

We have buttons in the order indicating to us the source of the goods, you need to change their colors to the given gradient.

2. shipping prices in the shopping cart

Add a window in the shopping cart of the order, where we can enter information on the summation of shipping costs. The window should be "dynamic" so that we can freely enter information there.

3. improve the display of photos

Product images first open, only later shrink to the appropriate size. This "jumping" is a nuisance, it needs to be improved.

4. pop-up window

Add the ability to enable a pop-up window something like Decathlon, with the ability to complete the content and add, for example, a hyperlink to a specific product. This is to be minimalistic without unnecessary bullshit. Two buttons on the principle of OK and DO NOT SHOW MORE

5 Adding a currency symbol PLN, EUR, USD

We have a purchased plugin for converting prices on the store. We need to check if it is possible to add currency symbols. Unfortunately I don't know if it is possible to modify the code of this plugin, you need to check.

That would be enough. Please give me a fair quote, we settle orders quickly and without unnecessary difficulties. I care about time.

Template / individual design:

as above

Required functions:

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