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    Damian Klemann
    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to improve 3 installations of Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4 on our website. Our goal is to accurately track user behavior, optimize marketing efforts and increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Task scope: Verification and improvement of Meta Pixel installation: - Verification of correct implementation. - Configuration of custom events. - Integration with Facebook ads. Google Tag Manager optimization: - Reviewing existing tags, rules and variables. - Configuration of new tags and rules according to business requirements. - Validation testing of all tags. Improving Google Analytics 4: - Configuration validation. - Configuration of custom events and conversions. - Integration with Google Ads and other marketing tools. Requirements: - Experience working with Meta Pixel, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics 4. - Knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and SEO basics. - Ability to analyze data and draw conclusions. - Ability to work remotely and communication skills.
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    FORTISRecovery 28 deals
    Preparation of the web planner
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the writing of a script for a smooth and secure software: web application - correct display on computers, as well as tablets: planner. We anticipate developing the application into an Android mobile application. I have laid out all the categories/subcategories, the content to be included in the application and how visually it should all look, however, I would like to give the details only to the person with whom I will sign a contract.
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    Google Apps Script - translation script
    Proposed by freelancer
    How should the script work? 1. run in Google Apps Script 2. choose what we want to do: (a) download a list of videos from the youtube channel (there must be an option to indicate a specific youtube video and/or the date of publication of the video in the form of a range, for example, 01.06 to 30.06.2024) b) another function checks if the video has any translations other than Polish, if there are any it saves the value, additionally saves the original title and description to 2 separate columns in the Google Sheets file), in addition, for languages where there are no translations it adds a column with an empty value according to the scheme: language_title, language_description e.g. EN_title, EN_description (c) another function translates the title and description of the video from Polish to all available on youtube and at the same time supported by the Google Translation API, the results of the translations are saved to a file to the appropriate column (d) the ability to update videos for translated titles and descriptions, similar to point C.
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    Looking for a person to create an end-point in c# based on Insert spheres that will create and save an order from a customer in Subiect Nexo from the received json.
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    Neisa Sp. z o.o. 1 deal
    PHP Specialist
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a PHP specialist to expand an existing website.
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    Neisa Sp. z o.o. 1 deal
    Bootstrap developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for an experienced developer with knowledge of Bootstrap/HTML/JavaScript/CSS to further develop an existing application.
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    Hi, we are looking for a person who can help us to doodle some things on Sharetribe no-code platform. It is mainly about visual issues (UI - CSS). The application language is JavaScript. https://www.sharetribe.com/docs/introduction/development-skills/ -> list of tools on which Sharetribe runs. We will be happy to tell you more details during the meeting.
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    Flow Badania 12 deals
    Hello, one of our clients has asked us for a quote for an online configurator similar to the one here: https://dmb.bic.com/?quoteId=wZcIEUZCKX7wfcBfRIlc8G5vrqRhWhlj&sku=LW6DMBDC-AST&quantity=1&quantityByPack=6&width=1000&height=1000&dpi=&addQrCode=1&returnHost=https:%2F%2Fus.bic.com%2Fen_us%2Fcheckout%2Fcart%2F&locale=en_US I would ask for a quote for creating a configurator exactly like the one shown above + adding an admin panel, e.g. on a subdomain, where submissions would be collected. To this, of course, environment setup (server configuration, database, etc.). We are not limited to any languages or frameworks. If you can't manage to program the whole application, and, for example, you are hello familiar with animation programming, please quote this area and write what scope it will cover. From our side you would get a mockup in figma with all the components generated to create the front end.
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    An accounting firm will commission a portal/service for invoicing and cost accounting. In fact, there is already a portal that has such functionality i.e. Fakturowo but no integration with Comarch Optima and two alerts about approaching revenue thresholds. I would very much appreciate an analysis of the functionality of the Fakturowo portal and a quote plus two alerts about exceeding revenue thresholds and integration with Comarch Optima .
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    CultivateAds 2 deals
    Hello, for the car rental system, the missing functionalities need to be created: Task 1) home page -> search engine for already finished car listing: Pickup -> Location selection (specified points in the backend -> date and time selection via datapicker (analogously return) -> here you should set jwt token or use cookies. So that the specified variable, a non-logged-in user can use to complete a transaction from a single bid (task 2). Frontend is prepared, only functionality needs to be added. Task 2) Single offer, on the right sidebar is the same module as on the home page, allowing you to select the location and date and time for the pickup and return of the car (if the user specifies the data on the home page, to be loaded into this module (jwt token or cookies). I invite you to make an offer, completion date ASAP. Best Regards.
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Job description

I am looking for a person to write a simple application that:

will be displayed web-based on computers and tablets

The application must have the ability to add what who is to produce at given stations (ultimately 6-10 stations)

It must display what they are to produce and in what quantity, while after producing some number of pieces it must show how much percentage of the order is produced

Must have the ability to calculate the average production time for a given product

Must have the ability to click on the organization button so that you can then pull up how much of an employee is in "organization" and how much is actually working on production

The application will be developed

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