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We are looking for a graphic designer with a feel for new technologies and high-tech Permanent cooperation

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    Dawid Perz 9 deals
    I'm looking for someone to make graphics for a sweatshirt - logo related to games, refers to YT channel
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    Nieszablonowy Twórca
    Wings - Project
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello! I need to find a graphic designer who can design some angel wings. The wings will be for engraving, which means they must be "empty" in the middle. You can see the pattern on the photo how they should look like. I need 3-5 designs.
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    Twój Prawnik 24
    Good day, I am looking for a graphic designer_woman with experience in projects for the following industries: financial, consulting, legal. The scope of work includes preparation of: banners, posters, brochure templates, guides and presentations, flyers, infographics, cover photos etc. Realisations for a law firm. Here for more information: Cooperation time: I estimate about 15 h /week for the first two-three months. Long-term cooperation is welcome. If interested, please indicate the hourly rate and send me your portfolio.
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    Composition of the ebook
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to typeset ebooks. We have different projects: books ( durked, epub, mobi and pdf versions) and material to be sold exclusively in pdf form. If you are a person who can typeset ebooks in canva and indesign this is the offer for you. Tell us how you price an ebook typesetting project? Per page, per number of zzs, by design? Tell us which programs you work with and send us your portfolio
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    I would like to create a logo for a mobile app featuring children's books. The logo should be in a fairy tale atmosphere but at the same time uncomplicated.
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    Mobile application design
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a graphic designer to design a layout for a mobile app. It will be about 6 views. Prerequisite is experience in creating "fairy tale" layouts as in children's apps.
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    a.e.bellini 2 deals
    Map for fantasy book
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I need someone to create a map from my sketches for a fantasy book. One large general one of the whole world to start with, but if a collaboration is nice I would also have some smaller regions drawn. The style is more or less as pictured + I would like some colour on the map. Please only apply if you have some experience in this and can show off your maps in your portfolio.
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    Tomasz 10 deals
    Carrying out a UX audit
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for someone to perform a UX website audit for us. In your responses, please outline how you are approaching the creation of the audit, exactly what elements are included (also optional points).
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    33 Diamond Ways IT 1 deal
    For more details I invite you to talk to me. Execution of graphics in midjourney or other AI (possible longer cooperation). Examples in the attachments. I am finishing the platform and ebook here: Platform with topics: biohacking, neurohacking, yoga, breathing techniques, concentration, meditation, mindfulness. Familiarity may help but is not necessary. Needed: 1 x ebook cover of concentration - an expression of what concentration gives, what it entails 4 x BANNER 1920 x 360 px (Concentration ebook - this is related to the cover, training 2.0 - this is for me a combination of the theme from the cover + a combination of self-study, premium subscription - these are the elements of people in a group, bonfires , subscription - the process of self-study wellbeing, audiobooks, videos, sitting at a desk, headphones) 4 x SINGLE MINIATURE Dimensions are 700 x 525 px 4 x training thumbnail 1122 x 840 px 1 x TOP PAGE BANNER 1920 x 360 px (inspired by MERKABA geometry) Modest budget of 500PLN, but I am able to "sweeten" in other materials if it is not enough for someone. I can share my knowledge (courses on AI, performance marketing), skills (programming, knowledge of systems), consultation (on the above or technical topics)
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    Layout and proofreading of the E-BOOK
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi. I am the author of an e-book about musical chords. I need a freelancer to give aesthetics to this product and edit the content. Your task will include creating/improving the layout, creating a table of contents and giving headings. The e-book about 50 pages and is created in canva. Please ask for a portfolio and a quote.
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Job category:
Graphic projects
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
layout design
layout design
vector graphics
web design
Valid until:

Job description

Scope of activities - planned :

several pdf pages about the company with product presentation

4 Product brochures (for many there is a layout from the producer, only the content needs to be adjusted)

Newspaper advertisements

Banners for on-line

Graphics for social media

Small "sudden" design needs e.g. related to trade fairs (graphics for rollups etc.)

Graphics for 2-3 landing pages

Basic photo processing for social media publications

We provide full support when it comes to advertising materials.

Each manufacturer has its own media pack

Our brand has already developed branding so the direction is, it is important to add a little high-tech flavor

Type and number of projects:

Catalog about the company containing information on products for this separate but related 4 Product brochures (for many there is a layout from the manufacturer, you just need to adjust the content) Newspaper advertisements for 1-2 quarters Banners for on-line - 48 Graphics to promote in social media - min 8 per month Small "sudden" design needs e.g. related to trade fairs (graphics for rollups etc) Graphics for 2-3 landing pages