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    BX_SF 65 deals
    The app is called Blix ( - it's Poland's largest flyer and promotions app that makes everyday shopping cheaper and easier for Polish consumers. Unfortunately, many people still haven't heard of it, and when they do - trust us, they will love it! We would like to ask you to download the app, learn more about it and help spread the word by creating a video showing why you love it 🙂 Fitting in with TikTok's creative trends and popular shopping themes will be a must. Please definitely check out the attached brief document for creative inspiration and guidelines before applying. :)
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    Jakub Derda
    Job Description: We are looking for a creative and experienced video editor to attach to our team to create short advertising materials for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Your job will be to create engaging and aesthetically pleasing videos that will capture the attention of our audience and increase the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. Responsibilities: Editing short advertising videos according to client guidelines and technical specifications of social media platforms. Customizing videos for various formats (e.g. Stories, posts, ads). Utilizing creative effects, animations and subtitles to enhance the appeal of videos. Collaborating with marketing and creative teams to understand campaign goals and advertising messages. Optimizing videos for audience engagement and conversion.
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    Barteksz 12 deals
    Editor for podcast
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who does podcast editing. There will be two-three podcasts a week to do and two-three reels from each podcast for instagram. A very important part of each podcast is the intro, which is a 60 Secund summary of the most interesting scenes that may interest the viewer to watch the whole podcast. Something like he does abroad diary of ceo. It is also necessary to have a basic knowledge of sound processing. If you are interested, please let me know the rate for the podcast and reels, the billing model and how long it usually takes to edit a podcast from upload to ready to publish.:)
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    Hi, Looking for an editor to edit longer materials on yt. Materials of about 5-10 minutes. I would like the videos to be at a level similar to the work of Ali Abdaal or Iman Gadzhi. Videos will be posted once a week or every two weeks. The key is that they should look professional and friendly. Of course, it is only about the editing of the recording itself we prepare ourselves in advance. Please send me your portfolio and rate information. We care about dynamic content - we would like animations to appear during the explanations. We prefer people who work in the Adobe suite, although this is not a prerequisite. Below are examples of videos we like: Thank you, Best Regards and feel free to ask questions.
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    Yettroo 7 deals
    Culinary instructional video editing
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the editing of cooking instructional videos. Time of one video from 2 minutes to 15minutes. Recording from two cameras.
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    I will commission the recording of instructions on how to use a mobile application that is designed to prepare for the language exam for pilots. -How the application works and how to use it -What is included in it I am looking for a person who speaks English very well because this is the language in which the recordings are to be made I will provide more information to selected people
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    I am creating new courses on finance, investing and automation in investing for my e-learning platform and I need an editor to edit videos for each of the chapters in these courses. There will be about 20 such videos and they will last between 5 and 30 minutes. I would like the editing to be fairly dynamic and keep the viewer's attention.
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    ITvip 15 deals
    I will commission the implementation of periodic youtube videos. Type of instructions on how to do something ("where to find the mac address of the network card ", "how to install a printer", "how to speed up the computer") and the like. Mostly it's about recording the screen itself with the activity. Voice possible to substitute, but we can use a synthesizer. To be arranged. Some videos longer, others shorter depending on the type of task. Number of videos to be made: 2-4 per month to start with. But gladly if we get along, I will commission larger quantities.
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    Video montage on tik tok
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for an editor to edit short videos on the tic tok platform that will act as an advertisement for an online store The number of videos is about 1-2 per week
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    Astrone 18 deals
    Video processing
    Proposed by freelancer
    Video processing (5-8min) according to the provided script. Changing light, improving sound, adding graphics. Permanent cooperation 2-3 videos per week. I ask for a quote for making 1 video.
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We're looking for a creator to record a UGC video promoting a SaaS tool. The 15-30 seconds video will be used on social media and in ads. The content should be in English. Please attach some sample work.

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One 15-30s. video.