UGC to create content in the Netherlands in Polish stores

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We are looking for content creators for a chain of Polish stores located in the Netherlands !

If you can create engaging UGC type content and meet the following criteria:

-you live permanently in the Netherlands, preferably in the area of Tilburg, Eindhoven, Oss

-you are able to make a video later this month and work together on a permanent basis,

then you are welcome to cooperate!

We expect from you:

1-4 x TikTok style videos per month,

- recordings of products, the interior of the store, the amenities of the store area

- high quality recording

- Yes - a soundtrack if you happen not to say anything

- Optional - adding text or graphics to the video, speaking directly to the camera,

- engaging and interesting content created with a jointly discussed brief

- Post-production on your side

Settlement in the form of your proposed salary. We have a top fork, however we look forward to a proposal for 1 TT.

If you are interested_ in cooperation, we look forward to your application!

With greetings,

UMG team

Type and length:

1-4 video in format on TT/IG, up to 60sec

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