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    MINTY Creative Agency 5 deals
    translation from Polish to English
    Proposed by freelancer
    hello, a few headlines and a total of a thousand characters - short texts to translate, request for applications only people with English philology. Deadline: 13.06, thank you for any application
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    zlecimy_tłumaczenie 1 deal
    translation from English into Polish
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, We will order the translation of a text from English into Polish. The commissioned text is attached (please refer to it!). Please specify in your offer: -price for the whole (we DO NOT consider orders with price per sentence, word, page, etc., ONLY for the whole) -realization date Kindly note that we will contact only selected people (we do not respond to private messages with offers) Settlement ONLY by Use me
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    Najlepsze teksty
    Hello, My husband and I are looking for an English teacher starting immediately. We would like the selected person, to come to us in Marbella or Mallorca. We are in Marbella from 08.06-30.06 and then for a whole month in Mallorca. We want the learning to take place in a relaxed atmosphere. - We pay for the hotel - 2500 EUR salary for you - We pay, also round trip flights. - We want to speak English for at least 6 hours a day, every day. We are at b1 level We are looking for a concrete person. Please do not waste your time. If you are a person who speaks fluent English and with a nice accent then feel free to contact me. I will answer all the questions that bother you and we will decide if we are transmitting on similar waves. The offer is valid from now on. I ask that people who want to teach online do not apply. That is not what I am looking for and such applications are just a waste of time. If you are from Warsaw then we would be happy to meet on days.
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    Premium Lashes 8 deals
    Translation of an online store into English
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hellolo, unfortunately the sellingo software an which the store is located does not offer automatic translation of entire stores, I am looking for a person who can take care of this comprehensively. Translation in English should cover all elements and content on the store, all settings related to this are in the Sellingo software and sellasist on which the store stands. Link to the store so that you have an overview of how it looks like:
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    Helping Hand
    Film dubbing (English)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good afternoon, We are looking for freelancers to translate videos into English and do voiceovers/dubbing of these videos using the platform. The videos last a few minutes or so and are in Polish. It is mostly a dialogue/conversation between professionals. The topics are mental health and wellbeing (topics range from relationships to addictions to support at work). There are 185 videos to be translated and we are supported by one person, while we are keen to translate quickly, so we are looking for more people. On ( you can create an account on your gmail and you have 5 minutes of free time to experiment. We will give the person we work with the login details of the company account. We will send 2 videos to be made as part of the dubbing quality assessment (for a fee). Course of cooperation: - the client sends a list of films to be translated (about a dozen items on one list per week) and adds the films in Polish on - the contractor translates the films and does a voiceover - finished films are downloaded by the contractor for publication.
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We are looking for a qualified and experienced translator. The translator will be responsible for accurately translating written documents from one language to another, preserving the original meaning and tone. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in both the source and target languages, as well as cultural nuances, to ensure accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

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