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    Cross the line 6 deals
    I have to change the format of an animation made in After Effects from horizontal 1920x1080px to vertical 1080x1920 px. Link to the animation: I have the files open and will send after accepting the offer Deadline is Monday 04.03
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    SP Express Sp. z o.o. 1 deal
    Animation of a map of Europe
    Proposed by freelancer
    An animation that will depict the transportation of shipments from Poland to European countries. The animation is to show the transportation from hub to hub and the distribution of shipments from hubs in a given country. Upon reaching a given hub, in a given country, we can depict the sending out of shipments by highlighting the country in question. The map then displays the shipping price and delivery time. The animation should be fairly lightweight so that the website loads quickly. The animation is to be original not from stock. Examples of maps:
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    Looking for an animation creator
    Proposed by freelancer
    Dear Sirs, I am looking for a video animation creator to create cartoons for children, based on the children's songs I have prepared. I have Youtube accounts that earn kioka thousand zloty per month, but with cartoons will earn much more. I have more than 100 songs in wav format, and of course, the songs are not subject to any ZAiKS-type OZZ. Any profit that the songs generate, will be shared 50/50. In other words, it offers 50% of the profits from the exploitation of the songs with cartoons. Below is a link to the first song for which a cartoon is required.
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    Granator Film 15 deals
    To make a drawing animation of 30-60 sec.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I request a quote for the realization of the execution of the drawing animation 30-60 sec and provide examples from the portfolio. Topics of animation bullying at work.
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    Michał Będkowski 2 deals
    I will commission the development of branding for a physical product. It is an add-on for a board game. We need to develop graphic material for the website web wizard box product presentation - photos and videos We are looking for a person who has experience in working with products, has an understanding of what graphic design looks like for rpg games
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    Magdalena Wojtasik WA
    Making advertising animations
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are a company specializing in the development, design and implementation of AI-based technology solutions. Our main goal is to provide innovative solutions to improve road safety (find out more about us at ). We would like to create 4 to 8 animated videos of 15 to 30 seconds in length to present our products in a simple way. These animations are meant to explain the ways in which our systems work to even the biggest layman. Below are illustrative videos that show similar solutions: (from 5 to 30s) (from 8s) Above all, we would like to make our animations more contemporary ("fresher") and more attractive, and at the same time simpler and easier to read. The way the system works is to be understood after watching by any layman, even if he has never ridden a motorcycle or has no idea about AI solutions.
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    Outdoor 3d animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, I am looking for someone to create a background of a city in which transparent balloons are flying out of a building in large numbers. Our concept is balloons coming out of a building in the center of Warsaw, behind them is a product, a large tube of cream in 3d. The balloons fly out and all that is left is a poster shot: Stands as other materials I will provide
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    thyssenkrupp Materials Poland
    We need to commission the preparation of a drawn, animated presentation about our company saved to an MP4 file. Preparation of drawings would also be on the contractor's side.
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    Anna R.
    Video explainer in the form of animation
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to create an animation to promote an online platform based on a script created. The animation is to promote the platform and show some of its functionality. Duration - up to 1 minute Inspiration: Script: include a description of what happens in the animation and what the voiceover says Lecturer: can be AI, languages POL, RUS, UKR, ENG
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    Animation - Social Media Campaign
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission a video (animation) on the theme of building nasty terraced high-rise buildings in an idyllic village landscape ( animals, greenery, gardens). The video will be used in an anti-campaign on the subject. 30sec-45sec.
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