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    Logo of an emerging company (inscription)
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to make a logo for our new company. We want to focus on the lettering and an interesting font. It is DEFINITELY necessary to include in the font a motif of the so-called welding scale, a weld. We have two ideas of our own, but we are willing to take other inspiration. Color scheme proposed by us: black, dark blue, dark green, but everything can be changed.
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    ZDESK 10 deals
    Good Morning, I am looking for a freelancer with experience in designing product catalogs. Preferably from the furniture industry. Catalog for max. 15 A4 horizontal pages. Several pieces of furniture per page. Everything thematically arranged. We are looking for a person who will arrange the furniture and develop a visually attractive catalog. All graphic materials regarding furniture will be ready. Visualizations of offices and packshots and technical drawings of individual furniture. The project is only about their proper arrangement and supplementing the catalog with tables with technical data. Catalog in both electronic and print versions.
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    Good day. We are looking for a graphic designer to make graphics for us (banners, thumbnails, etc.) for our online store (the store is under construction, but we already have a lot of demand). We are open to wider cooperation - in the coming weeks we will need graphics also for various marketplaces (both Polish and foreign). There will also be another website in the near future, as well as social media for which we will also need graphics. We would be happy to start a closer and longer cooperation. Please leave a portfolio with sample prices for the implementation. If we like your works we will proceed to further discussions and if you like our proposal for cooperation - we will start working :) Thank you.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I commission the creation of a leaflet format a6 folded - Z Products on the flyer - exterior window sill, interior window sill, kitchen/bathroom countertop, stone staircase, - please add at the end that we are also introducing the sale of windows from Abakus Okna company to our offer We also offer installation for window sills - deadline up to 7 days from order for countertops 14 days from order It can be noted that we create our products from natural stone, conglomerates and quartz sinters I would also like to see a call to action on the flyer Colors do not matter, although it would suggest to suggest colors from the website. From the website and fb fanpage, as well as allegro auction, you can take different content for the flyer. I can also send the logo in svg format Can be a discount of 10% with the flyer Please send me an offer
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    poster design
    30.00 PLN
    3 posters promoting educational activities for children the first poster is about math activities for children in general the second poster is about classes in a specific location (and may be similar to the first) the third one is about math semi-colonies for children minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing A3 and A4 size (for each poster) CMYK fonts and colors are already specified I will send the contractor photos from my classes Can be made for example in Canva
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    We are setting up a party organization, needs graphics for the logo and then for the club event
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    I am looking for a graphic designer/dtp who will create inDesign master pages to create a guide book publication
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    Aleksandra 4 deals
    I am looking for someone to create 30 graphics for a facial cosmetics brand based on information from the brand presentation and website. We will provide access to the brand's images Important - creating descriptions on the side of the graphic designer. Looking for one person for permanent cooperation who will combine graphics and marketing.
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    Dawid Węglarz 2 deals
    I am the owner of an online store in the interior design industry. We are looking for a person , who will create graphic creations for us for the purpose of mainly advertising on FB, Instagram. Monthly we will need about 6 complete graphic creations, within which we will receive graphics: - on FB, - on Instagram - for the main slider of our store (desktop devices) - for the main slide deck of our store (mobile devices) In addition, it would be good for the person creating graphic creations for us to be able to edit short film forms/simple animations (15-25sec) from materials provided by us (videos, photos, logos, texts) for ads displayed in: - Facebook reels - Instagram reels - YouTube shorts The ability to create catchy short texts, slogans will be an added advantage. We are looking for a person with an aesthetic sense so that the created creations are consistent with the style of the store. Contact us through the Useme portal
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    I will commission "from scratch" to design a coherent collection of nursery furniture. The collection will consist of about 15 solids. The project based on the guidelines will involve: - making technical drawings - modeling of solids - visualization of furniture - visualization of rooms - nursery room - including created furniture
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2D graphics
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Job description

I am looking for a graphic designer to Create thumbnails for Youtube.

1 work-related entertainment channel (more glowing, shocking here).

2 religious channel.

What I expect:

-experience in creating thumbnails (you can show examples, or channels for which you made thumbnails).

- I care about high click-through rate and eye-catching - you know ;)

- I am looking for someone for permanent cooperation

- let me know if you can also come up with titles and texts for thumbnails (this is not necessarily - I can send ready materials).

Type and number of projects:

To begin with it will be 1-2 thumbnails on a trial basis (ofc paid). Then if everything is ok (high click-through rate) then 4-6 thumbnails per month per channel.