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    KONEKO 21 deals
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, we are looking for a person who will be able to help with work on sites based on CMS WordPress. The cooperation consists of making modifications and corrections and improvements to sites based on WordPress + ACF + WooCommerce. - We eliminate errors that occur during changes made by users - We add new functionalities according to the client's guidelines - We modify template files The ability to use the GIT version control system (bitbucket) is welcome If you are interested please provide an hourly rate Longer cooperation possible The rate depends on your skills and speed, so please ask for a proposal. Greetings
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    Outgrow Media eG 35 deals
    LISTING OF REGULAR TASKS: We are looking for an employee to perform regular duties (part-time or as needed) in the areas of: - Website management: monitoring, updating, and optimizing website content, including text, images, and videos. - Website optimization: performing and developing conversion rate optimizations and building landing pages - Security and data management: maintaining and protecting sites and ensuring good accessibility Approximately 5 - 40 hours per week YOUR PROFILE You have a very good command of written and spoken English Optional: We appreciate good German language skills Very good knowledge of Wordpress: You handle Wordpress professionally and skillfully You already have experience with Elementor You have a good eye for conversion rate optimization and you love to build conversion rate optimized landing pages You take care for a good accessibility of the pages >> You manage to create before & after effects of landing pages and turn every boring LP into an LP that performs (see attached files) >> Your first task will be to clone a bad page and transform it into a conversion rate optimized page. You are interested in further education, personal development, spirituality & healing. We are looking for someone for a longer cooperation. Our company Younity Poland deals with digital marketing and sells online courses in the field of personal development, meditation & spirituality. WHAT WE EXPECT: We are looking for someone who works independently and with commitment in English or German and has a precise eye for conversion rate optimization You should be interested in personal development and have a desire to learn new things. You should have a fast internet connection Successful remote collaboration (the job is purely remote) - you can work from home Willingness to learn Flexibility: We also work on Saturday and Sunday. It will (sometimes) happen that we need your help on those days as well.
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    Restoring a site on Wordpress
    Proposed by freelancer
    Currently, our website is put on WIX-się. Previously it was put on Word Press and we want to return to this version, i.e. restore the WP version. All the files of the site are on the server We also need to update the Word Press version of the site with new stuff, and we would need help here too. Scope of work to be determined.
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    Hi, I'm looking for a freelancer/agency to work with me on coding sites on wordpress; we have an internal team that does this, but sometimes there are more sites to implement than we can handle on our own, hence I'm looking for someone more long term, to implement projects from time to time. We work with Laravel+Blade, roots/sage starter, all on ACF, no visual builders. We try to implement everything pixel-perfect, and of course the whole thing must be responsive. A few sample orders that we have implemented internally below - for an example of what to expect and the quality of implementation we require:
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    BMP 1 deal
    Website optimization
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the optimization of the site on WP, elementor pro. I am looking for someone who can improve the loading of the site without building it from scratch and its performance (attachment).
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    Mateusz 1 deal
    Kohana framework page
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission the rebuilding of the script of the ad service, I care about: - the ability to post ads without registration (I would like the ability to create an account to be at the level of creating an ad and not before adding it as before. The changes have already been implemented in part just need to be completed. - the option to raise the ad higher is unfinished I want it to be implemented. - you would need to implement an alert when a user clicks on the address of a link in an ad. that they are leaving the site and this may involve risks, etc.... - maybe improve the look and interface of the site a bit to make it a bit more user friendly. - Implementation of a mobile application for the site.
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    Mateusz 1 deal
    Minor modifications to the site
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey, I would like to implement some functionality that has already been started but not completed. Namely, I care about: - the ability to post ads without user registration (login, register or add without registration option before adding an ad) - the ability to bump the ad higher on the site, - after clicking on the url in the ad to display an alert about potential threats.... - maybe modify the appearance a bit to make it a bit more user-friendly and more pleasing to the eye ;) - possible mobile application for the site....
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    Nowy skrypt + grafika www 2 deals
    We will commission a new website
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission the design of a new website Functionality as the current one + full responsiveness of the site, Please include in the offer the transfer of the current content from the site and adaptation of the code and graphics for search engines.
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    Joanna Prodialog
    1. e-book download plugin, that is, the customer leaves an email and the name and name of the company and in return the email receives a link to download the e-book 2. plug-in (mechanism) to draw a "quote for today" - It can be in the form of a pop up, that is, the customer clicks "draw a card for today", there can be some simple animation of the draw, after which an orange card with the password appears to him. The template of the card in the attachment.
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    Jarosław Palarz 5 deals
    We need a simple business card website for an accounting firm. Preferably in the form of a landing page Functionality: Semi-connection with basic GA analytics Adding a contact form: :schedule a free consultation" which will link to a tool like tidycal Basic SEO optimization Page load speed of less than 3 seconds Site designed for mobile
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Web pages
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web development
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Job description

We are looking for a programmer/s to work with us on a project (and more like this in the future:), which would include:

1. implementation of a website for desktop and mobile compatible with the graphic design we will provide (in Adobe XD), up to 6 subpages

2. implementation of necessary plugins and extensions (e.g. newsletter, email, CRM), data migration

3. preparation and transfer of instructions for changing content: texts and graphics

4. plugging in analytical tools: Plugging in Google Analytics, plugging in Google Tag Manager, plugging in Facebook Pixel.

In your offer, please indicate:

- price offer,

- number of working days needed to complete the order,

- a few examples of past implementations.

Required features

Contact form and CRM integration, Google Maps connection, newsletter integration, analytical tools connection.

Preferable solution

Implement the finished graphic design (which we provide in Adobe XD) on WordPress.