Programming interactive graphics 'domino', html5 canvas and JavaScript.

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Programming interactive graphics 'domino' in Adobe Animate 2020 - html5 canvas so that it runs smoothly on mobile devices and in a browser on a computer. We provide a preview video of how the game should look like and a fla file with graphics, sounds and possible animations. Double-click turning blocks. After matching the brick, the sound is played and the available pool of tiles shuffles and reappears on the screen. In the event of a mismatch, the sound will be played "empty" and the block will return to its place. Publication from fla file to the internet for mobile devices and computer.


adobe creative suitehtml5javascript

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html5 and javascript interaction in browsers for mobile devices and computer + fla file with code.

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nagranie pokazujące jak ma działać interakcja interakcja_DOMINO.mkv (4MB)

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