Product video

Preferable skills:

promotional video
video editing

Expected budget:

200.00 PLN

Published: Status: closed

Job description

Nobody said product videos had to be serious. Zelce a product video combining humor with the product (with excellent audio narration). Can you do it in less than 30 seconds? without words it will be even better! Maybe a galactic scenery showing automation to be found in a spaceship?

A simple video based on screenshots. Presentation of the problem. Providing a solution to the problem. So> Recognition of a photo and automatization of the file processing process in Excel. Highlight the main benefits. Budget limited. Max 1 working day. If you have your own ytube channel, great.

Type and length:

30 sec

Submitted offers (7)
added on 2021-03-31
Artur Szuba 1 deal
  • video editing
added on 2021-03-08
Julia Jabłońska
  • animation
  • article
  • blog
  • ... (+20)
added on 2021-03-05
Igor Popławski
  • 3d
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • ... (+36)
added on 2021-03-05
Looking Glass Films™ 69 deals
  • advertising photography
  • animation
  • outddor photography
  • ... (+6)
added on 2021-03-04
mkrl89 5 deals
added on 2021-03-04
WideoJuszczak 93 deals
  • 3d
  • advertisement
  • animation
  • ... (+5)
added on 2021-03-03