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Marcin Mandera
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I will commission the editing of product photos which are bathroom towels and pillows. The photos were taken with an iPhone. I want the photos of different types of these products to have the same background in each photo, to be in the same arrangement, with no visible bulges, folds( smoothing the surface of the pillow for example) or the same light color, and to crop them appropriately. In the photos of two different types of pillows , two sizes of towels(large/small, in 5 colors) and bathroom rugs and photos of sets(pillows, towels and rug) Also for processing - proper light, cropping the photos, uniform background, aligning them : so that for each, for example, single towel was the same place, height and the like. Photos of towels- rolled up, folded into a cube, hanging on a hanger, comparing the thickness of towels, with a bent corner showing the quality of embroidery, sets(2,3,5 towels in the photo). Pillows- single photos; on the bed. Bathroom rug- lying in the shower , rolled up. Photos of sets : pillows, towels, bathroom rug.

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remote work

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between 120-160 pieces

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