Planning and implementing a social media strategy for a low-cost product.

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    Google Ads Specialist Wanted.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to work with us who will: 1. will increase the number of conversions - phone calls in the company 2. will increase through campaigns the positions of the website and business card in Google
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    I am looking for a seo specialist for the German market only with experience and knowledge of the German language
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    Gardening services. please indicate the rate in your bid.
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    I am looking for a person to record: - 2 relationship videos (up to 15 seconds) - 1 video invitation to take an online course (about 30-45 seconds) Format: vertical Topics of the videos: effective learning Recorded with a smartphone, without processing and editing. Selected people will send exact guidelines. Possible longer-term permanent cooperation in the creation of materials for stories, tiktoka or YT.
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    I will outsource the optimization of
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    We are a Polish IT outsourcing company looking for a SEM/SEO expert with experience in B2B sector in the field of outsourcing/IT/software house industry, who will take care of: - preparation a list of keywords for the AdWords and SEO campaigns (USA, UK, DACH) - preparation of content for the website for Lead Generation
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    Linking - foreign sites
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    Hello, I am looking for a person/company that has foreign places to link a website. Please let me know the cost per link and what kind of places are forums, directories...? I am interested in 100 links to start with.
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    I am looking for a freelancer with a lot of experience to set up all the analytics in a new small online store to start with. Some of the tools are already implemented like Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, GA4, Google Ads, HojJar. We want someone to configure all conversion measurement, implement the new tags, use the maximum available opportunities. The next step is to run Google Ads campaigns. We want the maximum cost including campaign maintenance as well as advertising budget not to exceed 20-22% of the generated turnover. We aim at product and text campaigns + dynamic remarketing.
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    Writing regular posts in english, which are up to date with the latest news from the AI/Data Science industry. They should be informative and share additional knowledge about AI with the reader. They could be in the form of a commentary on other articles.
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    Hello  Looking for someone to position the site (not a lead or e commerce issue) Objective - to increase organic traffic The site is aimed at the Spanish-speaking market (South America) I will send the link to the site to those interested  With such basics the site has in google pagespeed insight 90 has mobile and 99 on deskop  We have a list of keywords we care about, but are also open to other suggestions Kind,
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Job category:
Seo and social media
Expected budget:


Preferable skills:
social media
Valid until:

Job description


We create an application / online store. In short, it will be a shop where the customer will be able to "click" a certain type of picture and then order it in the form of a printout.

For this purpose, we would like to cooperate with a freelancer who has experience in promoting products via social-media.

The cooperation would initially cover the following areas:

1) Creating a social media strategy - high level.

- defining the media in which we should advertise

- defining the resources needed to carry out the campaign (texts, photos, videos etc.)

- rough estimate of potential ranges

  • target groups and countries have already been pre-defined by us

2) Creating social media accounts and preparing a campaign.

- creating social media accounts, using the resources specified in point 1

- launching test campaigns aimed at cost optimization and defining target groups

- on the basis of the above analysis, a strategy proposal with a cost outline for its implementation (the price of obtaining a lead and the entire campaign), possible% conversion - this stage should give us a clear picture of the costs associated with acquiring a customer

3) Launching and operating the campaign based on point 1) and 2)

- initiating a campaign based on the previous arrangements

- support related to running the campaign

- periodic discussion of the results and cost optimization

For obvious reasons, we do not do it alone - also if we are open to suggestions and any learning from professionals.

We expect a modular price offer based on the implementation of the above stages.

Feel free to contact me!

Subject matter/industry:

Printing, publishing, posters, decorations

Type and number of texts:

Texts for social media that you deem necessary for the countries we serve (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Poland) - with the assumption that we provide translations.