Planning and implementing a social media strategy for a low-cost product.

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Seo and social media
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We create an application / online store. In short, it will be a shop where the customer will be able to "click" a certain type of picture and then order it in the form of a printout.

For this purpose, we would like to cooperate with a freelancer who has experience in promoting products via social-media.

The cooperation would initially cover the following areas:

1) Creating a social media strategy - high level.

- defining the media in which we should advertise

- defining the resources needed to carry out the campaign (texts, photos, videos etc.)

- rough estimate of potential ranges

  • target groups and countries have already been pre-defined by us

2) Creating social media accounts and preparing a campaign.

- creating social media accounts, using the resources specified in point 1

- launching test campaigns aimed at cost optimization and defining target groups

- on the basis of the above analysis, a strategy proposal with a cost outline for its implementation (the price of obtaining a lead and the entire campaign), possible% conversion - this stage should give us a clear picture of the costs associated with acquiring a customer

3) Launching and operating the campaign based on point 1) and 2)

- initiating a campaign based on the previous arrangements

- support related to running the campaign

- periodic discussion of the results and cost optimization

For obvious reasons, we do not do it alone - also if we are open to suggestions and any learning from professionals.

We expect a modular price offer based on the implementation of the above stages.

Feel free to contact me!

Subject matter/industry:

Printing, publishing, posters, decorations

Type and number of texts:

Texts for social media that you deem necessary for the countries we serve (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Poland) - with the assumption that we provide translations.