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Marcin Wydra
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I will commission high quality interior / exterior visualizations with a strong emphasis on showing windows . A total of about 20 visualizations .

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I will commission high quality interior / exterior visualizations with a strong emphasis on showing windows . A total of about 20 visualizations .

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I will commission high quality interior / exterior visualizations with a strong emphasis on showing windows . A total of about 20 visualizations .

Recent jobs from category Design

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    WINDOWS EU 1 deal
    Showroom with Hampton-style windows
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a 50 m2 showroom place for the sale of windows. I care about the architectural design of a luxury office and showroom. In addition to space for displays, the showroom should include space for a large projector, armchairs and table for customers, a desk.
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    The layout of the furniture in the room needs to be laid out. Room completely to be renovated, starting from scratch. Putting up partitions allowed. Dimensions are 5x4 as shown in the drawing. The room is to have a bed, a desk for the programmer, a large aquarium, a bookshelf, a wall unit or a closet for clothes, a TV and lots of plants. Inspirations: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Natalia EU
    Interactive mock-up
    Proposed by freelancer
    Mobile mock-up, for example, in an interactive suitcase with LED lights. For more details I invite you to contact me by phone.
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    Firma 4 deals
    I will commission interior designs using products from a specific site. Permanent cooperation. We want to offer more or less service to the client. We are open to suggestions. Order visualizations Choose the package that fits your needs and we will visualize your interior. Send us Dimensions of the arranged room. Architectural design, developer's projection, hand-drawn drawing - any version is OK Answer questions Send us answers to questions about the arranged room. In addition, attach some photos from the Internet that show the style of the interior you are writing about. You will receive a preliminary design within 4 working days We will send you a conceptual design in the form of a 2d plan of your room - analyze it, tell us what is cool and what we should change. Visualizations and final design We will develop the interior design in the form of photorealistic 3d visualizations and a 2d floor plan.
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    Concept development/design of the apartment
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the development of a concept for an apartment of 58 m2, where a couple without children will live and piano lessons are conducted by one person. The other person works in an office outside the home from 9 am to 5 pm, but lessons are conducted from 8 am to 8 pm. I am anxious to: -to create a place to conduct piano lessons and rehearse a musical duo (there is a full-time business of this type) - that there is access to the kitchen during lessons and to the bedroom (sometimes lessons start early in the morning and end late in the evening) - some students come with their parents, who need a waiting room, so to speak, so that the students do not stress but concentrate during the lesson (it is good that they do not interfere with the living area, and have a separate place to sit and, for example, put a glass of water/laptop) - additionally due to the fact that the person working outside the home sometimes does assignments at home will need a desk to work. To begin with I need a concept, perhaps also a detailed design. Acceptance date of the apartment September 2024, I attach the projection with dimensions
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    ETUDE.PL 7 deals
    Hi I am looking for an architect to develop architectural technical drawings for a single-family house with an area of 180 m2, along with coordination of the project with construction and branch projects. The technical design is to be implemented based on the concept we will provide. Deadline for completion is 2 weeks.
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    Tomasz Jaskulski
    Modular houses made of concrete / Startup
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have been using useme for a long time and I am looking for people to collaborate on new projects. I would like to create modular houses based on prefabricated concrete elements. These elements would look like containers with dimensions of 2.5m/3m/13.5m. I am looking for a person , who is familiar with the topic of modern house architecture (preferably prefabricated) and would like to get into this project . I need to create 3 house designs so that the client can choose according to his needs. The task of the architect will be a matter of designing the prefabricated module in such a way that all kinds of installation can be carried out without forging in the concrete element. At the end of the year will start funding for R&D and fast track from the PARP and will be able to get funding at the level of several million so we still have time to create a cool architecture of modern houses that are attractive in terms of price relative to traditional construction ... Interested person I invite you to contact me to discuss the details of the project and cooperation.
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    Hi! I am looking for an interior designer to create a visualization of the project. I have moodboards for each room with colors, examples of furniture, etc. and functional layouts of the rooms. I do not need technical designs or a shopping list. I am interested in pure visualization. I have a living room with a kitchen, and a bathroom to design.
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    Wojciech Kamiński
    Good day, we are a company building intimate estates of houses in Michalowice, near Warsaw. In our process is at the stage of finalizing the construction project for which we will want visualization and a website. We have a project in archicad/bimx format from an architect as a base for visualization, who, however, does not specialize in high-realistic renders (we will send in case you are interested in the project). Our point of reference is the investment of another company - - both the website and the number and type of visualizations, sub-pages, etc., as well as due to the analogous layout of the estate (3 houses and a reach) and their style (classical architecture). We make a site with analogous functionality, analogous visualizations, etc. If you have any questions, I remain at your disposal. Yours sincerely, Wojciech Kaminski
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    Mecenas 1 deal
    Simple construction project
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person with a building/sanitary license (a requirement of the facility managing the building) who can draw a design for a small catering establishment. The premises are located in a commercial building. It is not a matter of actual design, but a professional redrawing of the design from a sheet of paper. The premises is about 20 square meters and is on a rectangular plan - no complicated shapes. Please send me offers with price.