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Currently, our company is looking for a programmer who would undertake to write a desktop application (parser) for us on Windows.

The task of the application would be to read data (text) from text files (mainly doc, odt, pdf) and sort them into appropriate places on a ready-made template. The text files will be manually loaded into the program (preferably drag and drop) and we want the program to automatically generate this into a .pdf file - without a database, as we don't want to store this anywhere.

I work in a recruitment agency and people send us their resumes in various forms. We want to automate the process so that the application will do the work for us in transcribing data like name, education, experience, etc. The application will have to deal with the assignment of the given information to enter it in the appropriate field in the ready-made template.

The template should be editable for text placement and possible addition of graphic elements (e.g. banner at the top of the page, client's logo), and should have a function to exclude elements we do not want to include in the final .pdf.

Technology of your choice.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me.

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