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From: Russia

Location: Omsk, RU

On Useme since 2 July 2022

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About me

I am an experienced developer having a wide range of expertise in various IT fields.

I had held Top-Rated status on Upwork for more than five years.

And now I decided to try my powers on the Useme marketplace.

My principles are to provide a workable solution with a thoughtful design, even if it takes a little more time. Also I provide technical justification if your requirements cannot be implemented.

My geographical location is the Western Siberia.

I was in Poland as a tourist. I studied Polish and know it a little.

CV / Résumé

Mar 2017 - May 2022

Full Stack Developer

Freelance via Upwork

I was developing various projects. AWS/Dialogflow/XSLT/Python/JavaScript.

Apr 2013 - Feb 2017

Full Stack Developer

Freelance somewhere

I was developing various projects. PHP/JS/CSS/HTML.

Jun 2012 - Mar 2013

Java Developer


I was developing the government information system that allowed to provide various services for users in unified way. The UI was implemented with Sencha web-framework.

Aug 2010 - Jan 2012

Java Developer


I was developing the information system managing technical documentation for a big USA aircraft corporation. The system was deployed on IBM WebSphere application server. The development was being conducted via RUP methodology.

Aug 2008 - Nov 2009

Java Developer


I was developing a report system for a trading platform. The application was deployed on Tomcat application server. There was used advanced XML processing including XSLT-transformations and streaming XML-transformations (STX). The development was


Portfolio item
Zendesk Translator based on Step Functions

The client asked to estimate possibility to migrate the existing Zendesk Translator service to AWS Step Functions engine. Technologies: API Gateway, Lambda, EventBridge, ElasticSearch, Comprehend, Translator, CloudFormation.

Portfolio item
CALS-Excel XSLT Converter

The goal was to develop converter allowing to convert XML-file in CALS format to file in some Excel format and vice versa.

Portfolio item
Zendesk Comments Translator Webhook

This project is an upgrade of the Zendesk Comments Translator service (See details in my portfolio, please).

Portfolio item
Solve‌ ‌Gmail‌ ‌Add-on

The client wanted to develop Gmail Add-on for its Solve CRM. The Add-on is intended to view centralized contact data, all related records and to add contacts from Gmail messages.

Portfolio item
Menu Orderer Voice Bot

The client needed to create the voice bot that will talk by phone with people and accept orders from menu.

Portfolio item
Knowledge system based on graph DB

The knowledge system allowed to set relationships between objects and collections of objects, set access to objects and collections. State of the knowledge system was stored in Neo4j graph DB.

Portfolio item
Asana/Discord/Shopify OAuth 2 Connections

The client develops SyncWith add-on for Google Sheet. He asked me to implement OAuth 2 connections to the three services (Discord, Asana, Shopify). Two of these (Discord and Shopify) were some of the most complicated cases.

Portfolio item
Zendesk Comments Translator

The client wanted to create a service that allows to translate comments of Zendesk Support service. I implemented such service based on AWS Lambda. It was used AWS Translate service for translation.

Portfolio item
DOCX Track Changes Extractor

The client asked to develop the command-line utility to extract Track Changes records from docx documents (XML files in OOXML format). I developed the utility that allowed to extract paragraphs with any changes and comments for them.

Portfolio item
Google Calendar Appointment Voice Bot

This bot allowed to make an appointment in Google Calendar. This bot allows to receive calls. If caller chooses free time then the bot create an appointment in Google Calendar else it suggests next available time.

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