Opening and setting up eMAG sales

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Aleksandra Cieslik
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E-commerce maintenance
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I am looking for someone to set up an account to sell on eMag and help listings.

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    Kreaktywność - Jakub Miklewski
    I am looking for a specialist who has experience with stores on OpenCart. We are using version Most of the tasks are simple ostyling - padding, fonts, etc., but there will probably be some more technical ones. The store has been running for a while, but I'm running optimization now. I ask only for offers with examples of supported stores. Remote work, on an hourly basis. If we are very satisfied, there is also a potential possibility of permanent employment. Knowledge of marketing basics, GTM, SEO, UX, Google Merchant is welcome. Working with young people, relaxed atmosphere, no pressure, but ambitious approach to tasks. Please quote a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Listing on from CSV.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hellolo. I will commission 5000 listings on from a CVS file. In the CSV file a link to the image, title in PL, Description in PL, EAN, SKU and everything necessary for listing. The eBay description should use the HTML template provided by me. Product description and title should be translated from PL to DE by an automaton. Permanent cooperation possible.
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    BCC 2 deals
    Contractor to Add 2000 Products to Romanian EMAG. Adding the products can be from a file, I will prepare the file completely on the side of the contractor is to upload the file so that the products will add to EMAG I already have an active account on EMAG and have Products on EMAG. Price to be determined depending on how much what will be done.
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    Building a product catalog
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to cooperate in the development of the product base of an electrical store. To begin with to prepare: - titles of product offers - a brief description of the products (I have a base description from the manufacturer) - selection of photos (I have base photos from the manufacturer) In the offer ask for a rate per h and the available number of hours per week. In the first stage to prepare about 4k SKUs.
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    Strama - fabryka mebli 17 deals 1 There is a problem with Google reCAPTCHA, it appeared most likely when changing the domain. 2. 2 404 errors 3. JS code that probably refers to unused applications, and is loaded - Optimization of the format of images. 4. unification of the mega menu 5. error with carousel
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    In my other order, I asked for bids to redesign the home page of the store. However, I see that making a design is one thing and implementing it is another. Therefore, I am asking for: - introduction of people interested in making modifications to the home page of, according to the presented project - define your own requirements to the presented project. Is a mockup from Figma enough, or do you need something more? - define the limitations to which the homepage project should be subject (which cannot be done on Wordpress with DIVI).
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    MT 43 deals
    Amazon - registration process
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will outsource the full registration process on Amazon's platform, including obtaining everything necessary to sell products there in the EU.
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    Sklep spożywczy na obczyźnie 10 deals
    I am looking for someone to aesthetically professionally add products with large descriptions to an online store. Preferably prestashop. I want a person who will regularly add a product - there will be up to a few per week, a main page and sub pages such as a contact form for the customer. The store can also be generally poor, with a few products, or single-product under another domain. Ultimately, I also want to create a website with information directing to the store, as part of a sales funnel on a specific topic. Although this element is not in this order. It would be helpful if the person could also know how to add modules to the store and, on occasion, improve something if necessary. I would like to see the previous stores you have worked on, there is no place for mediocrity. The customer's trust depends on it. Order through useme I will ask some time to decide. i would like to cooperate with the person in the long term.
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    Sklep zoo
    As in the title. I am looking for a specialist to deal with: New causes are preventing the indexing of pages on that are in the site map. The engine we have some time ago was updated for changes for google and I think this is the cause. The store map has updated a dozen times a long time ago and still the same thing, and there should be no such thing. The main causes according to google: * page contains a redirect of more than 1000. * Alternative page containing correct canonical page tag more than 800. * Page detected - currently not indexed more than 400. etc Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone solved such a problem for a store, site? Feel free to make an offer
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    Gdańska Palarnia Kawy 11 deals
    I will outsource the integration of IdoSell and GoPOS warehouses. More details in a private message.