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    socialpatrick 25 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a freelance graphic designer who, based on the guidelines from the client, will be able to prepare a ready combined file for printing, background with several graphics with the source mainly adobe stock (we provide full-size graphics), the file is to be intended for printing in high resolution.
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    We are currently looking for a graphic designer to work with us on logo design and graphic design for the website (we have an in-house programmer, so coding will be left in-house). The website will consist of 5-6 simple pages, the industry is decorative printing. We assume the possibility of long-term cooperation on graphic design projects done for our clients.
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    SkowronekHC 1 deal
    Convert logos into vectors
    Proposed by freelancer
    The logotype is simple but in low resolution. It needs to be recreated in a vector graphics program
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    Hi, I am looking for a contractor to create a package (exact amount to be determined) of graphics under SM (FB/IG) for a paid campaign. The theme will be SEO/ADS/GMF/SocialMedia services. Graphics can be done in canv and shared design, I have no problem with that. I'm looking for someone to do research, and suggest new graphics, our ideas have run out and we are going around the same thing. The graphics themselves, content, slogans we already have prepared. Example task: create 3 different formats of graphics to be used in paid advertising, the theme is to encourage the use of our SEO service (target, traffic to the site). Attached are some examples of ours, we want you to do research on the competition, or just suggest something from yourself that catches your eye when scrolling the feed. If interested, please contact me, preferably with a portfolio thrown in.
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    Furniture Arrangement
    Proposed by freelancer
    What I am interested in: - creating arrangements receiving a photo of a piece of furniture on a white background - changing the color/fabric on the furniture I provide a photo of the furniture and fabric If we would work together I also have a larger range of graphics to make. I would be happy to send a photo of the furniture on a white background to see how you would handle it. I would like to receive a photo in the arrangement and a photo in a different fabric. Please also send me a price list.
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    Meddtech LTD 25 deals
    Graphic Designer for Facebook Ads Campaigns
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a creative and experienced graphic designer to create a Facebook advertising campaign. Project description: The project is about dietary supplements aimed mainly at women. We are looking for a person who will be responsible for creating visually appealing and effective advertising graphics. Requirements: Experience in designing advertising graphics for Facebook Ads Creativity and ability to create visually appealing designs Understanding of the specifics of the dietary supplements market and the target group (women) Knowledge of current trends in online advertising Portfolio with previous implementations
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    Hello, We have been in the design and printing business since 2006, but we don't have the verve for our new place. We need someone with a fresh approach and a fresh idea. We know what we are doing and what we want to show. The subject quite urgent, because the site blows empty. So-called ASAP.
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    Digital Spark
    Google ADS and META Graphic Creatives.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! We are looking for a Graphic Designer for permanent cooperation, who has experience in creating graphic creations for Google and Meta ads. Permanent cooperation, from tens to hundreds of graphic creations per month. It is important that the person has knowledge of sales and has similar experience. Copywriting background and knowledge of the subject are welcome. Please send me a message with the rate and portfolio. \
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    company presentation
    500.00 PLN
    We need to introduce our agency, which has been on the market for 28 years. Presentations that we have are old and now we want to make cool graphics and slogan impact to attract the client. We need 2 slides about HR services - temporary employment agency, 4 slides about sales support - about merchandising, outsourcing and that we conduct audits on behalf of companies etc. and we have tools to report the results and the ordering companies have a preview of this. Please let me know if you undertake something like this and for how much? Grazyna Wislanska tel: 504001251
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    Graphics, miniatures - Allegro
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a creative graphic designer who has experience in creating graphics for the Allegro platform. Our goal is to create unique, distinctive graphics that will attract customers' attention. Expectations: - experience in creating graphics for Allegro, with knowledge of the rules and technical requirements specific to this platform. - Creativity and the ability to create visually appealing designs. At the moment we are keen on about 20 graphic design projects. Please send us a portfolio containing examples of your work, especially those done for Allegro or other e-commerce platforms. We look forward to working with you.
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Jag-Mar Sp. z o.o.
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2D graphics
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Job description

We have a finished flyer design that would require a completely different, more favorable distribution of elements on the pages.

We have a ready-made A4 leaflet that folds to A5, and this is the format we would like to keep. Unfortunately, the current flyer is not quite to our liking.

The order would be to create a completely new concept, we need to show the product-Retractor EV more on the homepage.

A sample flyer where we think the product was presented hello:

Our current flyer; chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

In the meantime, the Retractor's wrapping has changed - we already have new photos ready

The color scheme of the entire flyer remains the same as it was.

The final result we expect is a revised concept of the flyer, showing the product + a source file in editable psd format (we have the flyer in several languages and want to replace the translated texts ourselves).

I ask for offers from people with experience. Long-term cooperation possible.

Type and number of projects:

1 flyer design in open source file.