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    Tomasz Staszewski 1 deal
    Mobile application modification
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have two apps for Android: mbooking and Tourist Card. It needs to modify two things: 1. in the Tourist Card app, replace one link to the website on the home page 2. in the mbooking and Tourist Card app change the meta data, because in the google play console there is such a message as attached. Unless it is another cause.
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    Łukasz G. 256 deals
    I will outsource the work of adapting the application to iOS requirements in order to place it in the App Store. The application was created using CORDOVA and all the scripts it uses are placed not inside it, but on the server. This design of the app made it possible to be placed on Google Play, while the App Store rejects it. As a result, I am looking for a person to make the appropriate modifications to the app in such a way as to make it compatible with iOS requirements. As a final result, the app is expected to pass verification and be placed in the App Store.
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    PiotrVV 6 deals
    Good day, I will commission the function of preparing an application for the implementation of a courier service with the ability to summon a courier to any place in the area of operation. The order will be divided into stages. 1. development of mock-up views for key functionalities. 2. Development of a demo version to test key functionalities. 3. Implementation of the application with corrections from testing. Technical guidelines: Android + iOS mobile applications. I send the functional diagram in the attachment to the order. Key functionalities: - Determining the location of the user. - Determining the location of the nearest courier. - Enabling bluetooth connection with a button that triggers a programmed action. - Enabling vibration control of the user's phone in certain situations.
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    360 Studio - Karol Mikołajczyk
    The application has a simple premise i.e. to display a question sucked from the database and record a video of the answer. I care about the best possible quality from the front camera of the device and audio from a plugged-in external microphone. The front is prepared in Figma consists of 9 pages. Apk for own use (no need to upload to google marketplace) I am looking for a person who is familiar with API Camera2, CameraX that is access to the device's cameras. Possible longer cooperation, a couple of other projects that are also based on camera. Please for bids submit information on what stages in the implementation and what technology you intend to use.
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    Studio 1 deal
    Table reservation
    Proposed by freelancer
    So: the front end is on a template in flutter Back end is partially finished, need to put everything together and put on the server
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    Karolina Sęczkowska
    The application is a secret for now, but it will resemble Booksy in its form. I am looking for a person who has some experience, but above all is communicative, understands what is involved, does not ask for a very large sum, and at the same time understands the essence of the problem and the business. Importantly, I am in the preliminary stage. I need a programmer, I will be looking for a lawyer, I do marketing and SEO myself, I have knowledge of programming languages to a small degree (but enough that I understand many things). I think we will get along. Meetings can be as online as possible. I am from Krakow and we can also meet here if needed. If the app succeeds, it will be a super business. If it does not succeed - well, my loss :) Please give me concrete proposals, with amounts and deadlines for completion (for example, in weeks, months), and something like a portfolio (or a link, etc).
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    valtorboy 9 deals
    Calendly adding currency
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order to add PLN currency to Calendly using for example Pipedream
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    Oh Cam On - Social Media
    A mobile app to help bring together specialists and give the ability to easily access services to a larger community with psychological problems. Daily opportunity to contact a specialist without leaving home. Additional consultations in case of emergencies. A mobile application that gives a quick response. Possibility of paid advice and consultations from specialists as well as free support from volunteers (students from Universities of Psychology in Poland). Our personal mental health assistant aims to provide practical tools, professional support and information to help individuals understand, manage and nurture their mental health. ** Key Features:**. - User login (patient) - verification by phone number creation of patient profile - Specialist login - create a specialist profile - Volunteer login - create a volunteer profile And more...
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    Zabezpiecz Auto 4 deals
    Mobile application - CANLOCK
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a C# programmer - who will help develop a mobile application for CANLOCK security authorization in .NET MAUI technology. Application for Android and iOS. I am looking for people with several years of experience. Knowledge of Bluetooth technology is welcome. I would like to bill by the hour, so please indicate your hourly rate. More about us:
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    App for your phone
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the development of a simple application/game that will be used for live broadcasting on the TikTok platform. The application is to be integrated with chat. The game is to be based on the well-known game "hanging". The screen displays an incomplete word with the first and last letter ( example: Z _ _ _ A ) If someone in the chat guesses the word ( ZUPA ), an information pops up with its name and picture. After each guess of the word, we would get one point. There would be a ranking of the top 3 players in the game. If someone gave a "gift" such as "rose" in the chat, a hint would be shown. On the other hand, if no one guessed the password within 10 minutes, it would change to another. In the attachment I send how it would look like
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Mobile apps
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Looking for a Flutter developer to support the software house team in the execution of a mobile application in Flutter technology.

Those interested in the details of the assignment are welcome to contact us.

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iOS, Android

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Mobile application