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Mobile application - Flutter

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    Application - start up
    Proposed by freelancer
    looking for a person to set up a start-up experience in the development of mobile applications iOS, Android required agencies thank you
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    Mobile application Flutter developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a Flutter developer to support the software house team in the execution of a mobile application in Flutter technology. Those interested in the details of the assignment are welcome to contact us.
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    DeveloArt 1 deal
    React Native Developer/Mentor/Team Lead
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi! We are looking for a React Native developer, or an experienced React Developer to take on the work of our in-house application. The ideal person is someone who would like to gain leadership experience. Under your wings, you will have a team of budding devs developing in react and react native. Due to the fact that the budget is limited, we especially encourage people who are already working and looking for an additional job for their own development, other than writing projects for the drawer. Benefits of cooperation: - you develop your leadership skills while gaining experience as a Team Leader, which is important for your career development, - you help budding developers gain their first experience, -work for 30-40 hours per month, so you don't have to give up your job. - if you have your own app idea, we can join forces together. You will be supported by a team of entry-level developers, UX/UI, and experienced developers. Specify your hourly rate in your offer
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    Jacek Stachowiak
    We need an experienced back end developer to help us build a new version of an application for IOs and Android. To be implemented and welcome experience with subscriptions, payments, user profiles etc. Required experience in: Java Spring-boot Swagger API Rest Junit Mockito Hibernate Postgresql S3 Kubernetes Helm charts Gcp pub/sub Cloud tasks Json YML Git Github actions We are not looking for an agency just a freelancer.
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    Plant Watering Application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the development of an application for watering plants. The basic functionalities are a daily reminder to water the plants using notifications, the ability to manage a given plant and basic advertising. I want it to be available simultaneously on iOS and Android.
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    We are looking for: a Dart/Flutter developer to continue the development of a mobile application. The application is being made available to customers as a dedicated solution, published as a private corporate (enterprise) application exclusively on the Android platform. Built as an "offline first" solution, the application performs business operations linked to the backend system via REST APIs. The application uses popular available mechanisms and libraries, including bloc, platform_maps, formz, ui - material. We are willing to establish long-term cooperation related to other projects as well.
  • no avatar Agencja IT/DEV 6 deals
    I need a freelancer who works in the area of JS -> React, React Native, SQL, Node.JS, Express, Linux. We want to implement a budget MVP for a small company. We want to customize the finished project from github for our requirements. , We would like to start the implementation quickly so that the project can move forward and be completed in 3-4 months because 65% is ready and the features are not some mega complicated for an experienced developer. You can send your description of the implementation of the order, please oscillate in price +- 4 thousand.
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    YouTab 4 deals
    We will commission the development of a mobile application, allowing the phone to work with a specific model of the case. We will provide more information after contact.
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    Adrian Golański
    Simple application to the product
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need an application that will remind the user to drink a drink with the following functionalities: 1. the user selects the reminder time. 2. After 25 alerts, an automatic reminder to purchase the product. 3. ability to send push messages.
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    MM 1 deal
    I am looking for a contractor to modify the Moodle mobile application: 1. the mobile application will be integrated with the Moodle platform therefore we recommend using the open application code. 1.1 Application description: 1.2 Application documentation: 1.3 Application code: 2. the scope of changes to the application is mainly visual modification, so that it is a visually attractive application. We want to add color scheme, images and build our menu in the application. It is to be a visually modern and attractive application. 3. make modifications to the application under Android and iOS 4. publishing the app on Google Play and App Store platforms, including correspondence with Google Play and App Store and implementing comments and corrections to get it published. 5. Configure server and messaging options: 6. configure integration with the designated Moodle platform 7. archiving the code on github
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Job category:
Mobile applications
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Job description

We are looking for a freelancer for mobile app development with knowledge of Flutter.

Experience with Firebase also desirable.

Part-time cooperation with the possibility of long-term cooperation.

We are not interested in cooperation with software houses.

Required functions:


Operating system: