Mobile 2,5D multiplayer game (max 10 players on 1 server) for iOS and Android.

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Hello, I would need someone to program a multiplayer mobile game. Features that would be included in the application include:

- creating a server (setting up a room) by players along with settings such as:

- How many people is to be played in the game

- Game or round time settings

- Public or private room (server)

- searching for a server / game room and joining it

-Simple player personalization (head, torso, shoes)

- 2.5D perspective view

-selection of maps for the game

Game mechanics:

- Draw from among all players, the main one, characterized by his main task in the game, and the rest (max 9) with the same possibilities / abilities

- Move around the map

- Countdown of the time that the other players (those 9) can move and the main one (1 person) remains stationary.

- Interaction with some objects on the map

Basic player moves (these 9):

- gait

- Crouch (with the ability to move)

- Jumping onto an object

- Lying down (with the possibility of crawling)

- Interaction with the object along with a unique short animation for the object.

Basic moves for the main player:

- gait

- Jumping onto an object

- Flashlight on / off

- Lying down (with the possibility of crawling)

- Crouch (with the ability to move)

- Interaction with objects such as doors, windows, cabinets

Two ways to win:

- by the other players (these 9) after the time needed for the main player has finished


- by the main player after completing all "tasks"

Purchaseable ads until disabled.

I deliver the necessary graphics / models myself.

For those interested, I will provide more details and a more detailed description of the game. Greetings.


androidgamesiOSmobile applicationsunity3D

Operating system:

iOS, Android

Required functions:

Unity 3D, online payments

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Marcin Szalski
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