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    Google Shopping CSS product campaign
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello everyone. We are a thriving online store. We are interested in working with a specialist in running Google Shopping campaigns on a CSS basis , who will create from scratch for our store a product campaign on Google Shopping ie Google Merchant Center and ADS. However, we would like to emphasize that we are interested in a person who will fully manage the above-mentioned Google tools on his own, i.e. will take the entire burden of service configuration. We are interested in cooperation for a longer period of time, it is possible to sign a contract for a year or 2 years, but we ask only those who are available immediately. We invite you to cooperate with us
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    redakcja 2 deals
    Website positioning (foreign versions)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day to you, I am looking for a person/company for the positioning of a website available in several language versions. Cosmetic industry. As for the budget, I definitely want to spread it between two options: i.e. your work, links and regular purchase of sponsored articles from external providers. Please let me know what experience you have in positioning a portal available in different language versions? site.com/en site.com/cz site.com/sk
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    We are a Polish manufacturer that sells its products on the German market (and the rest of Western Europe) through sales portals such as Amazon. Our team prepares product descriptions in Polish and English. We are looking for a person who, on their basis, would prepare product descriptions for the German market (in German), taking into account the keywords indicated by us or keywords selected by the subcontractor of the order with a view to the highest possible positions in the search results.
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    Bensons 8 deals
    I am looking for a person or company that is able to create advertising for our website in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The idea is to advertise online, for example, on popular classifieds sites, industry Facebook groups, etc. The place is not super important, we just want to get new orders and customers. A few words about the site and the audience - The target group is small companies engaged in trade - we sell only B2B for companies, we are not interested in retailers - products: home and garden, tourism, lighting, small electronics from China, Allegro / Amazon hits - the site is available in Czech and Slovak languages Who we are looking for: - Czech and Slovak companies trading traditionally or ecommerce Please send me offers. I am open to different variants of advertising and different channels. I stipulate that we are only interested in legitimate ways. No spam or pushy ads littering the mailbox or groups. This will be exactly counterproductive in the long run. Budget to be determined. With effectiveness and an influx of new orders rather permanent cooperation.
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    Krzysztofff 4 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a specialist for SEO of a website. I consider only those who have experience in the German market and can boast of their work. Preferably, of course, knowing the German language. Website to promote: https://polenauslagern.de
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    Krzysztofff 4 deals
    Order to add two locations on Facebook fanpage
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    Hello We are an online store in the consumer electronics and home appliances industry. We are looking for a specialist to create from scratch and run a product campaign on Facebook Ads practically from now. We do not hide that we care about time and important for us is availability. We offer a permanent and stable cooperation
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    Michał Czuga 1 deal
    Competitor analysis
    Proposed by freelancer
    I need a report on my competition: 1. what key phrases it advertises on the search network and what phrases it positions itself with
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    medycynaestetyczna 5 deals
    CONCLUSION: with experience with the MEDICAL INDUSTRY. We are interested in increasing the effectiveness, creating visible and effective ads to promote the company with the offered training for dentists (specialized industry - which is important in creating ads), the result should be an increase in interest, the number of application forms obtained, contact forms, an increase in the number of doctors signing up for training. We expect control over campaigns, interest, and communication, suggestions for ads, changes, corrections, running campaigns effectively, and regular reports on the effectiveness
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    Grupa Orion Sp. z o.o. 3 deals
    Good day, I will commission to optimize the current or set up a new and better product campaign in google ads. The optimization is to reduce the cost, because at the moment it looks really tragic. Campaign for online store www.e-nava.pl. We are looking for someone experienced and really good at this job. The rate is negotiable. The store has about 300 products so it is not much.
Fitelite. Sp. z o.o.
Fitelite. Sp. z o.o.
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I am looking for a successful TikTok expert.

✅ Consultation on content creation.

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Remote work. Big development abroad. 👇

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