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2D graphics
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We are looking for a person to make a logo for the group - the main logo (referring to the letter F) and 4 additional ones in the same theme. The theme is to be a square. The logo is to be minimalistic.

Here is a link with the logo with reference to "F" and the theme "squares". In this style we would like the main logo and additional 4 for additional entities in the group.

Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/173273301/Logo-design-tech-logo-technology-logo?tracking_source=search_projects|it+tech&l=15

In addition, we would need icons in this style for the website, universal, with the theme of squares, minimalist. So that the whole thing would be consistent.

Type and number of projects:

5 logos, set of icons

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    Due to the lack of time, I am looking for a creative person with time to help finally take care of the graphic design service of my agency, which on media is shining empty ;) I have a pattern of color scheme and style on canva templates for social media, and based on this I would like to create: Graphic portfolio of my offer to clients Facebook background photo Graphics on social media I am also hoping for advice from the above-mentioned person on what else could be cool to design. I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation. I rather aim at alternative/creative/different/artistic/weird aesthetics. Thank you for all your submissions :) Best regards
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    Under the needs of www.personalizowaneprezenty.pl store, we are looking for a creative graphic designer to work with us to create graphic designs and visualize them on various products as personalized gifts. Required ability to create graphics in Corel program.
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    I would like to make from the outline of the upper parts of the characters from the photo with a thin black line- design needed for embroidery. Sample illustrations in the climate I would like to achieve I attached below :) I do not hide the fact that I care about time
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    Order needed as soon as possible:)
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    I have a number of stencils for Enduro cross motorcycles need a graphic designer who will make a veneer for the pattern based on the photo sent by me.
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    I will commission the graphic design of the ebook cover along with the composition of the entire content - graphically and technically. An ebook on the interior design industry. For my part, I provide content, photos/graphics, infographics, initial ideas for mockups. A large role will be played by graphics and photos and skillful composition of them with the content of the text. It is important to include brand-specific colors in the design. The ebook is divided into more than a dozen chapters. It is 120 pages long, including the initial and final covers Requesting a quote and sending a portfolio and examples of completed projects that you think would fit the above.