Interior design, single-family house 108m2

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Natalia Krzyzaniak
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I am looking for a person with experience to create for me, after consultation, the design of all the interiors of the house. Two floors, one large and one mini bathroom. Dressing room, office, bedroom, living room and kitchen.

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    Mike Lewand
    Wanted: Architecture student/student to do preliminary design/visualization. Scope of work: Preliminary design/visualization/design in order to be able to imagine the final effect of the object. More of a general outline than a detailed design. It will not be a final design. Allowed to use pre-designed elements. Designed object: A house in the tropics consisting of a dozen or so smaller apartments, workspace, pool, spa area and other rooms. I will provide all detailed information to the person with whom I decide to cooperate. Important to me is a portfolio - when applying, please share. Preferable Student/ female of architecture .
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    Render of a multi-family building
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    A rendering of a multi-family building of a project we are implementing in Rumia. I have projections of the elevation and individual floors.
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    Hello, I am looking for interior decorators/stylists with experience, to work as Customer Advisors, for several weekends in the main cities of Poland (the date of action will be adjusted to your schedule). The person will be responsible for selecting colors and appropriate paints for the client's interior.
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    OgarnęTo Arletta Pawlicka 30 deals
    Simple outbuilding design
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    Hi, I would like to ask you to prepare a design for an outbuilding whose dimensions are: - width 10 m, - depth 3,5 m, - height from the front 2,95 m, - height from the back 2,87 m. The roof is to be flat with a gentle slope towards the rear. From the front, one window with a width of 1.7 m and a door with a width of 0.8 m. It is to look like this, 3.3 m from the rant it starts, and there is to be a 0.7 m gap between the window and the door. I need both a simple design and visualization.
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    The gardening company will cooperate with a landscape architect.
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    Olympic pavilion project Making the model in revit According to the guidelines
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    Hello I am looking for a person who has experience in designing truss scenes. I need to make technical drawings for the scene attached in the screen shot.
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    Production of Archicad drawings.
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    I will order to make drawings in archicad program: 1) list of door joinery 2) list of window joinery 3) list of internal and external balustrades with detail 4) detail of installation of installation shafts 5) detail of eaves (3 types) 6) detail of the attic (2 types) 7) the execution of the premises cards (about 70 pieces)
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    Looking for a person ready to prepare a visualization of an apartment of the highest standard being a Penthouse apartment in an apartment hotel. The meterage is about 40m2. In addition, with successful cooperation I am looking for a person to visualize the Hotel Lobby. I am not interested in the detailed design only visualization which is an inspiration.
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    I am interested in designing a visualization of the office. The office has a total of 2 utility rooms. 1) The largest - where there are to be a total of 4 workstations (office), and one of them with two desks or one very large desk. The largest desk has as many as two computers, i.e. two laptops, two monitors, one keyboard and mouse and additional accessories. The large room also has a sofa with a chaise lounge and a TV. 2) The second room is partly intended for silent work or teleconferences which also require silence. Importantly, the office has two large windows overlooking the street (shop windows) from the ground to the ceiling and two small windows in the smaller of the rooms. Marked on the layout with arrows outside the building. On the layout I marked the contacts with small triangles and the sinks with polygons.