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    Adding products to our IdoSell store
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are creating an online store with our product range. You should put products with features and attributes / parameters in the appropriate categories so that the customer can conveniently filter our products. In addition, there will be suggested products for the products in the shopping cart and at the product card to create sets.
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    Adding auctions on allegro using baselinker
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    Adding a location on google maps
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    I'm looking for someone to add me a place (not my company) on google maps or elsewhere The problem is that on the phone the place is different than how it is on the computer. The place is supposed to be for customers who commute to my place by car. There is maybe some solution to make the customer reach the place without problems. If there is any ambiguity I will call
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    Hello, I am looking for someone to help me create a price calculator in excel. Case I have a number of different price lists from contractors, the prices are different, different periods of validity, different discounts. To calculate the price of a service I need data such as date of stay from to, number of people, if a child over a certain age then.... if under, then..., etc. The idea is to be able to select the period and other variables and have excel return the final price.
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    I will commission the creation of an Excel table from a scandium document. Please note the documents are in German.
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Data entry
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Job description

We are looking for a person to work on a database of simple HTML texts, in terms of improving "heading" tags and adding "div" tags, according to the guidelines.

Assignment to be performed in the company's internal system.

The job in figures:

approx. 4,500 simple HTML texts to be improved;

Place or location:

Possibility to work stationary in the office, or work remotely.

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