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    Premium Lashes 7 deals
    Translation of an online store into English
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hellolo, unfortunately the sellingo software an which the store is located does not offer automatic translation of entire stores, I am looking for a person who can take care of this comprehensively. Translation in English should cover all elements and content on the store, all settings related to this are in the Sellingo software and sellasist on which the store stands. Link to the store so that you have an overview of how it looks like: https://premiumlashes.pl/
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    Marta ML 33 deals
    Translation from English to Polish
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will order a translation from English to Polish. The person who undertakes the assignment will receive an editable file in Canva. This is also the form in which I would like to receive the translation (i.e. in editable form in Canva). I would very much appreciate a cost and deadline for completion. The text to be translated is attached
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    Marta ML 33 deals
    I will order a translation from English to Polish. The person who undertakes the assignment will receive an editable file in Canva. This is also the form in which I would like to receive the translation (i.e. in editable form in Canva). I would very much appreciate a cost and deadline for completion. The text to be translated is attached (note the files are two)
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    Helping Hand
    Film dubbing (English)
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good afternoon, We are looking for freelancers to translate videos into English and do voiceovers/dubbing of these videos using the hei.io platform. The videos last a few minutes or so and are in Polish. It is mostly a dialogue/conversation between professionals. The topics are mental health and wellbeing (topics range from relationships to addictions to support at work). There are 185 videos to be translated and we are supported by one person, while we are keen to translate quickly, so we are looking for more people. On hei.io (https://www.hei.io/) you can create an account on your gmail and you have 5 minutes of free time to experiment. We will give the person we work with the login details of the company account. We will send 2 videos to be made as part of the dubbing quality assessment (for a fee). Course of cooperation: - the client sends a list of films to be translated (about a dozen items on one list per week) and adds the films in Polish on hei.io - the contractor translates the films and does a voiceover - finished films are downloaded by the contractor for publication.
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    Radeklew 3 deals
    Good afternoon. As in the title with emphasis on a person for whom English is the leading language, brought from home. It is important that the Translator has/had a flair for story writing and is familiar with nautical jargon. To produce the text of the nautical historical novel 'Australian Hell' of approximately 900K characters with spaces. More at www.radeklewandowski.pl The work should be in a language accessible to the general reader, I suggest English-American as simpler. All offers in Polish, please, with a description of your achievements in the field of fiction translation - I need to convince myself that you are comfortable with both languages. One sentence will not give me this opportunity :-) I understand that at present a large part of the work of the Translators is done with the help of Chat GPT or another AI and I do not mind, as long as it is under close supervision and control on your part (it can cope with short passages, but sometimes errs). Please send me a lump sum price for the whole thing and a completion date. Possible collaboration on two more novels.
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    Alitec Adrianna Zalewska
    Alitec is a team of specialists dedicated to creating innovative solutions in the area of predictive maintenance. Our main goal is to provide customers with tools and systems that will enable them to monitor machines and identify technical problems at an early stage. If the technical nomenclature in the field of machine park maintenance is not foreign to you, write to us! We have a product text to translate. This year we have introduced a new device to the machinery park maintenance market. We are looking for a person who speaks English at C1/ C2 level to be able to freely translate or edit our texts for the ww website and social media. It would be super to establish a permanent cooperation. There will be some texts periodically, whether for brochures or social media posts. We have 1900 words to rewrite. Attached is a file to check.
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    Witold Walecki 3 deals
    Consecutive interpreting in Warsaw
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person for consecutive interpreting. health and safety topics. dates 28/05 and 29/05. if interested, please contact us with your resume attached
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    Norbert Paprocki
    Hello. I have four movie files with a lot of dialogue in English. Each of them lasts about an hour. I also have files with subtitles, but created (English) and translated (pl) automatically. I am able to make all the movie files available for download - similarly with the subtitle files. So the task would be to translate the content faithfully, because the subtitles, as I mentioned, are already there, but because of automatic generation they are sometimes nonsensical, not taking into account the context, sometimes one English word has several meanings, and the translation mechanism did not take this into account, and so on. I think that both access to videos and to Polish and English subtitles would make the job easier. It is simply a matter of making the subtitles final adequate to the actual message, the storyline. Please give me an approximate quote for the whole thing, if someone would like to take on this task, that is, just fine-tuning the Polish subtitles for all these four movie files. :)
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    Translation work
    5000.00 USD
    We are looking for a qualified and experienced translator. The translator will be responsible for accurately translating written documents from one language to another, preserving the original meaning and tone. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in both the source and target languages, as well as cultural nuances, to ensure accurate and culturally sensitive translations.
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I will translate a book from English. The offer does not apply to scientific literature.

I do not use artificial intelligence. I can send a sample translation of the target text upon request.

I do not offer editorial services!

Maximum volume: 355 pages

Time to complete the order: 45 days

Rate per order: 5000 net

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