Patryk Stefanowicz

Patryk Stefanowicz

Joined on: 2019-08-20
Poznań, Poland
SKILLS: copywritingenglishtranslation

I'm a bilingual (Polish-English) writer and translator with years of experience in both fields. I use both languages every day as part of my job, creating mostly English content that's all over the spectrum in terms of topics and type of text. I'll have no trouble dealing with more technical content (e.g. website content) or forms that require more creativity (e.g. articles, opinion pieces, even fiction). I can take on technical topics, including IT, but I'll also have no trouble coming up with content that's a bit more liberal, e.g. relating to travel. What helps motivate me to always give it my all in terms of writing is the fact that writing and languages, in all of their forms, are a personal passion of mine - one that I work on even in my free time.

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