I will order an application for website automation

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570.00 PLN

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Job description

I will order an application for website automation.

It is in html / java.

functions as in the following description:

- Automated clicking on various buttons with adjustable pace to monitor and refresh the page

- reacting to several situations (eg logging back in after logging out).

- On the basis of changes in the content of the operated website, the program will send an immediate notification in the form of an e-mail to the indicated mailbox (int.pl).

- the application will work on various platforms (Mac, Win, Ubuntu)

-As a standalone program.

-program ready to run, does not require installation (so that it can be run without admin rights)

- running in the background (the program "clicks" continuously), not blocking the computer's operation

- Error reporting - alarm in case of failure

- Support with and after the implementation of the program

- Selenium language preferred

700 PLN budget

Required functions:

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Łukasz Rogalski

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