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Nutritional information web scraper

A simple web scraper, which fetches nutritional information from a predefined website and inserts it into database of a workout/meal planner software. The data is then used to calculate calories consumed each day.


on 2022-06-15
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Niestety krypt nie działa poprawnie. Brak kontaktu ze zleceniobiorcą. Odradzamy. Szkoda czasu i nerwów!
AB OVO Solutions
AB OVO Solutions
on 2021-08-19
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Szybko, profesjonalnie, super komunikacja.

Completed offers 10

  • I am looking for a contractor to work with me on building a web-based book search engine. I would like to build a search engine that will be embedded on a web page and work on PC and mobile devices (cell phones). The search engine will be designed to display books in the database - for sale. I would like the search engine to be built in Agile sprints and the billing to be separate for each sprint. A detailed description of the first sprint is attached. Please let me know the price for the first sprint. Of course the first sprint will include all copyrights to the code and the software.
  • Note: the application works only internally on company phones, it is not in the Google store. Security issues are not important as long as they can be manually overridden on the device itself. 1. After launching the application we log into the company's system using the provided API. 2. Application in the background periodically sends connection history to the specified address. 3. After each finished connection, should pop out window in which I can send to this number one of the SMS templates (templates downloaded from API)
  • I am looking for a contractor to work with me on a longer term basis to build an app. I would like to build an application that will run on cell phones. The application will be designed to manage your library of books with the ability to share information about your books with other users (friends). I would like the application to be built in Agile sprints and to be billed separately for each sprint. A detailed description of the first sprint is attached. Please quote me a price for the execution (implementation) of the first sprint. Building the application of course with full transfer of copyrights to the code and created software.
  • I am interested in a simple hybrid app (Android and iOS) that will mimic RFID (NFC) cards - no encryption, just sending a card code that is read by readers. Here are the details of the application being developed: 1. I am interested in making an application for which I will receive the full code for future modification (graphics, DB data), which also involves the transfer of property rights. 2. graphics for the application on my side - I provide ready-to-use files (company logo, application logo, virtual card design) 3. the application can be installed only on phones that support NFC. The first launch is to display a form with two fields to complete (staff number and verification code) + graphics - sending data entered in the form as a query to the MySql database - the data of the test database I provide. If successful - receiving virtual card number and saving in the application - this number will be sent to the NFC reader. Additionally sending a query to MySql with information about success - logging in the database. 5. Every next start-up - if the card number is saved - display the graphic with the card and information about the possibility of using a virtual card (NFC activation with the assigned number). In case of changing the card number in an external system - the possibility of deleting the data and returning to the point no. 4.
  • Creating a code in a simple PHP (without classes and objects) responsible for communication via API with the exchange. Some of the sample codes are online, you can download them from github and modify them.
  • I need to write a crawler that collects data from these sites: IT Leaders JustJoinIT Jobviously JobsForGeek NoFluffJobs RocketJobs It is mainly about the elements of the offers such as: "position", "technology", "price range" and "location". The crawler will probably be fired x1/day and should be detectable and blockable. The resulting file should contain a "link to the offer", preferably the whole HTML dump so that you can preview the offer and the individual extracted information.
  • As the topic states. I will order a program that will automatically generate a document based on the imported PDF form (it will supplement the template with the data from the form)
  • Zadaniem dla poszukiwanego programisty byłoby przygotowanie kompatybilnej wtyczki do WordPress (kalkulator wynagrodzeń, kalkulator oferty cenowej), która stałaby się częścią naszej strony internetowej.
  • I’m looking for Python/Django developer to write web crawler and clean the data from html tags before storing the data in the database. I will require basic web interface to access the data. That’s phase #1 of my MVP and I would count on further cooperation once phase #1 is completed. I decided on python because I have basic skills myself. The service would run on Linux. There is an option to work with oxylabs as a tool to scrap the data. I am good with that as well as long as the solution does not consume a lot of budget for external services.
  • I will order a converter from .pdf to EDI ++. (EPP). The PDF is generated electronically so it will be readable by a computer.