Graphic design of a website intended only for mobile browsers (Android and IOS)

Preferable skills:

mobile design
web development
web site

Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Published: Status: closed

Job description

We will commission a graphic design of a website only for mobile browsers (Android and IOS).

We are interested in the project itself in HTML / CSS / JavaScript.

Static website - which the developer will later program. We prefer light sides.

Some graphics to make it modern, neat but light and functional

The page will have individual items scrolling from top to bottom:

Profile section, where there will be a photo of the user, information on how many kg he used in total. Such a header

Info section, where 4 use categories will appear, how many kg have he used in each category, how many times have he used this month

Statistical section, where there will be 3 bar charts (3 subsections), how many kg have he used in the last week, month, year.

In the headings of each chart, he will be able to jump between days, weeks and years (depending on the chart).

Please have a portfolio. Sample projects.

Template / individual design:

individual page, the project requires the creation of graphics.

Required functions:

mobile version, pure html css javascript code, static version

Submitted offers (8)
Liki Mobile Solutions
  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe indesign
  • adobe photoshop
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added on 2021-03-10
Rashmi Nandwana
  • android
  • api
  • backend
  • ... (+33)
added on 2021-03-09
added on 2021-03-09
Kamil Marczyński Consuting
  • online shop
  • optimization
  • plug in
  • ... (+5)
added on 2021-03-08
pm 25 deals
  • angular
  • git
  • GULP
  • ... (+14)
added on 2021-03-05
added on 2021-03-04
Piotrek 47 deals
  • adsense
  • cms
  • css
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added on 2021-03-04
Web Developer & Designer 41 deals
  • css
  • html5
  • ionic3
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