Fixing a game written in Android Studio and removing remote blocking of the game by its developer.

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    Marcin Kober
    Hi. I would like to request a quote for the creation of a mobile application (for now only Android). We have a precise brief prepared, including a description of the functions and appearance of the application. We also have prepared graphic design, texts and a proposal for their arrangement. In later stages we want to develop the application and add new functionalities to it, so we are hoping for permanent cooperation.... Please contact me. For those interested, I will send a brief. Thank you in advance for your response :)
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    AdrianJochymczyk 6 deals
    I will commission the rewriting of a calculator made in MS Excel into a web application - that is, to make everything work on the side of the website. The application must have the ability to: user registration, save projects, open and modify. The operation of calculators for review: - please see the video. Please ask for a quote for a single calculator including login and saving system. After successful cooperation there will be a need to rewrite more calculators - eventually about 15 pieces.
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    Marcin Lesiński 4 deals
    Good day, is looking for a programmer who has experience in designing mobile applications (preferably in Flutter to create immediately for two platforms). The application will be to display data from the server and allow registration of the device purchased by the customer based on the serial number. Main functions of the application: - login - assigning a device to an account by providing access data - displaying notifications in case of alarms from the device - displaying the status of all assigned devices in aggregate views - after clicking on one of the devices, possibility to display its details, some data in the form of graphs - checking if a device is online based on API query Our web developer will prepare the appropriate database and design the API to which the application will connect. In addition to the code itself, there will be a graphic design to prepare. In order to make the work more convenient, I would like to organize weekly summaries of the work in the form of a short inch during the project. In order to obtain a clear quote, please break down the cost of each stage of work, along with the estimated time of their duration, if any questions arise, I remain at your disposal.
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    To create an app for 2 platforms using AR technology. An app using AR technology such as creating a filter that adds a bird's wings to a human or puts a parrot on your shoulder/head. I will ask for offers only with a detailed quote for the work. There is a possibility of just coding without graphics (graphics will be provided by me but there can also be an offer with your own graphic designer)
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    We are looking for a developer to integrate Google Play subscription payments. We have a mobile application - exactly a projection of a web application on mobiles (PWA), the application is currently already in the Google store. Access to the application and details of the project will be provided to those interested in working together.
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    Smart Office 1 deal
    We have designed a mock-up/flow chart of how the app should look like and present details If you could turn this into either a web-based fully functioning app or a self-standing app for iOS and android, you would be our perfect candidate for this job.
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    WebNavigator for Apple iOS
    Proposed by freelancer
    WebNavigator is to be an application for the Apple iOS environment that allows you to display buttons that, when clicked, will open the Safari app and display the web page assigned to the button. In an open Safari app, it must be possible to return to the Navigator app. The Apple device (iPad/iPhone) will operate in supervised screen mode. to prevent the user from leaving the Navigator application (except for the automatic transfer to Safari realized by the buttons described above) or launching other applications on their own.
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    Smart Med 5 deals
    Looking for a person who is able to convert an Excel form that counts and summarizes commissions for oi graphics work into a more accessible and less susceptible to editing by external parties form - e.g. as an application or web tab. Sample formulas and view in the attachment
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 108 deals
    The app uses: magnification, large print, VoiceOver, a braille display, Voice Control RevenueCat for in app purchase handling. We need an iOS developer to add new features and help with project maintenance. Required experience in iOS 3 years +. 15-20 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40 hour phase. Kindly contact me.
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Job description

On a foreign portal I bought for $19 a game that includes game files written in Android Studio and admin panel created in php.

The game has bugs that I can't get the author to fix for 2 months.

In the game, I changed the images and extracted the words from various files into the string.xml file

The author Claims that the errors are due to my changes - however, this is impossible, as I also noticed the errors in his demo version.

In the end, I couldn't stand his lousy promises and gave a negative review, and in retaliation he blocked my game. I wrote to him that you can't do that (if he unblocks the game, I still want to disconnect from him - you never know what he will do to such a person and whether the situation won't happen again in the future).

In general, the game works well - until.

- Sometimes before the ad loads the application crashes.

- Sometimes a diamond disappears from the board, and sometimes it slides out of the window so that it hangs under the game window and cannot be moved.

Please also let me know what is the cost of implementing the referral system

(With him it costs $20 - but does it work? I prefer not to take the risk...).

I understand that you need to see the files so that you can quote for the repair.

However, to the right and left of the application I do not share.

I suggest insight via AnyDesk or come to you if you are from Warsaw.

Please quote price with copyright transfer.

Required functions:

Please quote price with copyright transfer.

Operating system: