Extension of the existing website (wordpress) with the possibility of buying services on it

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Online shops
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online shop
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Job description

We need to expand our existing website, which is built on wordpress with the ability to buy service packages through it. In addition, we would like an overhaul and improvement of the current site (updates, performance, security, etc.).

Our services work on a subscription basis - we want customers to plug in a card, from which a recurring payment is automatically charged, sometimes augmented by additional one-time services.

We also need to be able to view current subscribers and payment status in real time.

In addition, after the successful establishment of cooperation (the first purchase of a package), we want the customer to receive an automatically generated document (completed with the data provided by him).

Once the order is completed, we would like to maintain the cooperation on the basis of permanent maintenance of the site (updates, taking care of security, performance, etc.).

Template / individual design:

The site is on wordpress, we don't want to change it

Required functions:

Recurring payments for packages (with the possibility of adding one-time services) Generated document for customers (preferably downloadable from the panel and attached to the first email) Site optimization Mobile version Panel to manage and view current customers/subscriptions