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We need to show a country flag next to a language in our system, but we only have the ISO language codes.

We have an Excel file that contains a list of LANGUAGE CODES with languages and for each of the 177 entries we need a corresponding ISO-2 country code to be able to show a COUNTRY FLAG next to the language name.

In case there is no matching flag --> e.g. English-Carribean (not one country) then use xx code instead.

In case the language does not contain a country code, then use the most likely country - eg. en --> gb (to show british flag for english). In case the language is used in multiple countries (like afrikaans) use the largest country/most likely country)

In case there are doubts, you can add comments in a separte colums for us to decide.


af Afrikaans ---> za

en-au English - Australia ---> au

en-bz English - Belize --> bz

en-ca English - Canada --> ca

en-cb English - Caribbean --> xx

en-in English - India --> in

You have the list of country codes here:


List of language codes:


The job in figures:

177 languages codes to link to a respective country code and to find the local name of the country