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Job description

I need to cooperate with a person who will be able to prepare a complete design for a web application. What I need can be done in any graphics program. There is no need to cut the effects of work and coding to HTML, but the materials provided must enable the creation of such a page.

The application that the order concerns is a dietary application that works in the browser. Its main functions are:

- Create shopping lists with products to buy in the store

- Viewing / Adding / Editing products (such as eggs, flour etc)

- Browse / Add / Edit recipes

- Composing your own diet from the available products and recipes

- Possibility to use diet calculators

The application is under development, but it is so advanced in the works that I would like to start "dressing up" it in a graphic template. Hence, I will need help in arranging some functionalities in terms of "user experience". Therefore, the specification will not 1 to 1 indicate which button should be placed where, but rather I will expect a proposal on how to best arrange the functionality for the user. Therefore, I do not know the exact number of views to be generated. As I counted, depending on the arrangement of the views in relation to the UX, there can be from 10 (if it is worth stuffing more on one page) to 30 (if everything should be separate). Therefore, a request for a quote for 20 views. Several views will be standard, such as landing page, contact tab, privacy policy, but most of them are advanced applications in which the user directly modifies what he sees on the page. For example, when arranging a diet, he will receive information about selected recipes, what products they consist of, caloric values ​​, and the possibility of full editing, adding, removing, replacing what he has already introduced.

Required features

1. The valuation should concern 20 views (several views are a public website, but most are the user panel available after logging in) 2. The project in any graphic program, enabling it to be transferred to a responsive version of the HTML code 3. Version for computers and mobile devices

Preferable solution

I need an original project. The website is new, so I don't have any graphics or texts for my home page.